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Monday, December 10, 2012

Once again, as the job hunt continues into its 2nd year, The idiots come out in force!  I tell you, I wonder about these guys.

Trish received a "job offer"... if you want to call it that.  Here is the text, below, and my reply is after that.

NOTE the red flags!

-------Original Message-------
From: Marilou Buresh *   MARILOU BURESH... OK.
Date: 12/10/2012 2:44:07 PM
Subject: CareerBuilder: resume review
  Your resume was obtained from CareerBuilder database and we believe  that your qualifications  and skills  would perfectly fit for the  part-time position of
a Logistics  Manager that  is currently open .

The details are as follows :
  Title: Quality Control  worker
HUH... They just changed the job title to QC worker!

Type of employment: Part-time
Well, at least THIS remained the same.

  Requirements as follows :
* 18 + y.o.;
* Diligence and ability to meet deadlines;

*  Knowledge of  Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office;
OK.  Acrobat is both MAC and PC...But MS OFFICE is not
*  PC user;
WOW.  Redundancy!  Be PC user AFTER knowing OFFICE?  

*  Printer and scanner availability
Not everyone has a printer and scanner, true enough.

The job  is about collecting, distributing and repackaging parcels and mail as well as delivering|getting|transporting) mail items to your local FedEx and/or USPS locations.

Ummm... if this is logistics, why are they having to take these packages to a DIFFERENT delivery company?  Strange.

If you meet   requirements stated above  and  would like to occupy this part-time job opportunity, please email us your confirmation.
We will contact  you soon.
Best regards,
William Evans   *  HUH?  How do you morph into a male and get a different name?
HR Department  *  WOW... 3 names on one Throwaway Email!  WOW.
 HERE was my reply:

HELLO.  I have determined that you have an IQ less than that of the normal temp of Vostok, Antarctica.

Why do I say this? 
1) You do not mention your company or where you are located.
2) You do not give a phone number
3) You use 3 different names on a Throw-away Email address
IF, Ms Buresh, Mr Jones, or Mr. Evans, this is incorrect, please send the following information.

1) Name of the company.  (my comment:  I think a company name would be smart)
2) Location of Company   (Where ARE they located?  Timbuktu?)
3) Phone number of company  (You think I'd want to be able to reach them!)
4) Length of time company has been in business  (Are they a 20 yo company?  Or 20 hours?)
5)  Website name (If it exists)  (Not all companies have a site...)
6) IRS Employer ID Number  (IF they're a US Company, they're gonna NEED that!)
7) Proof of licensing in whatever location the main office is  (Absolutely!)
8) Fax number  (If phone is NJ but Fax in CA?  That's happened before!)
9) Your first born...  (Yeah, if you're serious send me your first born!)
IF you cannot provide at least 7 of the above, find a different sucker.

I'd LOVE to see the look on this fool's face when he realizes that we ain't a sucker!

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