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Evidence will vary by location.
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But TRUTH is unchanging.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spoof? Or unfortunate truth?

It is well known that the lyrics for "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL" were written while the author was looking down from Pike's Peak.  Picturesque wording, too.  If you don't know the words, Let me quote them -- at least the first stanza and the "summary" --  the Chorus which changes but reverts to the first one at the end...

"Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain,
for purple mountains majesties, above the fruited plain!
America!  America!  God shed his grace on thee!
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From Sea to Shining Sea!"

Unfortunately, this picture is outdated... we need to restore it.

The fruited plain is now the shopping mall.  The Spacious skies are crowed with Chimneys and planes.
The purple Mountains still exist-- but they fight for survival!

But unfortunately, the rest of it... Well...It's more like this, now:

Americans, Americans!  Come to get all your freebies!
You Bet we want to tax you more...
So come and vote for me!


What about us?  We're the ones who want jobs so we can make our way!  We're the ones who fight for survival!  We're the ones who have nothing and can't get the help we need to make our own way!  We're the ones who can't buy insurance, can't afford vehicles, are forced to send our kids to indoctrination camps (Read public schools), we're the ones who have no option in life but death!

Truly, I don't want handouts.  I want my wife to have a job.  I want to keep my COPD controlled.  I want to         see the light of retirement with enough to survive...not a 6 foot deep hole!

My hearing loss stops me from a lot of things.  My COPD stops me from others.  I want to be able to make my own way!  And what do I get?  "Don't call us, we'll call you."  What a crock of shit.

SURE, I believe in God.  Yes, I believe Charities have a place.  But I also believe in JOBS... and not being taxed out of house and home!  I don't want to spend 22K for a one day hospital bill.  I want a CHANCE... A chance to get and hold a job, a chance for my wife to have a job.  There's just no money in writing.

We need THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE...Not the land of the freebie and the home of the depraved!

The writing is on the wall.  Unfortunately, nobody is able to read it thanks to our public schools.

It's time to return to the days when values were values and morals were morals.  It is time we recognize that we're allowing ourselves to be destroyed by complacency.

We are like the Church mentioned in Revelation... we have the name, but not the works.  We are "alive", but we are DEAD SPIRITUALLY.  We Tolerate Jezebel.  We are lukewarm, and about to be spewed out of the mouth of God.

There is no substitute for God.  But we are falling to the Devil because we are walking away from God.  God is weeping for us.  Can you not hear His Cry?

We NEED A REVIVAL.  With a revival will come everything we need, in abundance.  That INCLUDES JOBS.  We need to realize that we are blind and naked.  Until we do, we are simply doomed!

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