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Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Extreme Couponing" -- Extreme BULLSHIT!

I don't know how many of you use coupons.  I don't  I find that, often, they attach strings that make no sense.  "Double Coupons" are crap... I find the whole thing just a load of BS.

I've watching the show... they got 889 bucks of stuff for about 10 bucks... or they get cash back... or they don't pay a thing... Yeah, RIGHT.  Uh huh.  That's as believable as a huge fat man squeezing himself down millions of chimineys one night a year! 

I challenge ANY COUPONER... ANY ONE OF YOU... to come to my area and prove it.  Of course you won't. 

Cases in point:  Stores don't always double, or they may double up to 50 cents.  There are several stores near my area that don't accept internet coupons...and they state on the door that "If coupons result in a negative balance, we will not return extra."

They attach strings:  You must buy 3 boxes of this at $4.00 each in order to get .50 on 6 of that, and you must consume 16 ounces of something else at 4.65 before you cand get your .50, but you must include a copy of your receipt, send certified mail to a PO Box somewhere in Timbuktu before a certain time period has passed, and then they can still reject it for any reason.... HUH?!

For instance, I saw a coupon today that gives $1.00 off on 3 boxes of  a well-known maker's types of cereal.  They must be at least 15 OZ or more... OK, I find 3 boxes of that runs 3.50 each.  The coupon doesn't double.  The product isn't on sale anywhere, I've checked.

So, three boxes of this stuff = $10.50.  Your cost:  9.50.

Now, I see a Generic available.  Same stuff.  $2.00 a box.  3 Boxes, total 6 bucks.  

So, to "SAVE" a buck, you spend 3.50 MORE?  I don't think so!

They give you a coupon for a laundry soap:  2.50 off.  Great.  That doesn't double.  Not at that price!
Size, 64 ounces.  OK.  On sale, too, a buck less.  Nice.  BUT THE "SALE PRICE" is still 12.99.  So, your cost is 10.49.  AH, there's a different brand, actually larger in size -- At $7.49.  So, 80 oz. at 7.49 or 64 ounces at 10.49.  What's the better deal? 

AH, here's something that is a freebie.  But the coupon has a condition:  you must be 3-12 packs of something that you don't use, and they cost 6.00 a 12-pak.  The item is 3.50.  Do you spend 18 bucks on items you don't use and will likely toss, just to get 3.50 worth of something?  Penny-wise, pound foolish!

Save .99 cents on a chocholate milk.  Doubles.  but the brand retails for 4.50!  So, you got 2.52 to spend... but another brand runs 2.99 for the same stuff.  Brand names mean nothing!  Sure, you can save a little...but this store doesn't have the brand you want.  Nearest store that has it is 10 miles away.  So, waste 2/3 of a gallon of gas to save .40?  You wind up losing 1.60,  Brilliant!

Coupons are just fraudulent enticement to get you to inflated prices.  Don't give me the "Free" doesn't exist.  And, you couponers...If you THINK you can do it here, in Florida, in my area... I DARE YOU TO TRY.  You'll find you're definitely a loser in your thinking...and your money has gone to gas rather than groceries... in effort to save .03, you spend .50.  It's THIS type of thinking that the government  does.  You see the results every day. 

Ban coupons.  Get the prices down to where we can AFFORD THEM... That's what needs to be done...AS I SEE IT!


  1. You are completely right. These coupon idiots aren't getting stuff they actually WANT that they just HAPPEN to find coupons for, they are buying generic crap they don't really need to get those deals. I watched TLC's couponing show and the woman bought 62 bottles of mustard. I know it doesn't spoil, but who uses that much mustard? No one. It's a joke. Most of the stores in my area in NY state DO double coupons, but only up to 50 cents or 1 dollar, AND you can't use more than 1 coupon per item so the extreme coupon myth is a joke.

  2. The problem here is this is written by a man, no women will accept it. They think differently. They are always right. Logic and proof do not matter.

  3. That's BS, I am a woman cashier and I ENFORCE it at my store.