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Friday, December 21, 2012

A view of last week.

Today, the world is ending, according to Mayan Calendar believers...Obviously, they've been proven wrong.  But the world has ended for many people since 12-13.  I have kept my silence on the topic of last Friday since there was such a massacre at a school.  20 Children killed, senselessly, by a loon...or at least something had to be wrong, mentally, with the guy -- at least, AS I SEE IT.

I have kept my silence to allow the mourning of the people of Newtown, CT, and to permit the healing to begin...even though I know healing is a long way away and may never fully complete.  26 people, shot down,  20 not even out elementary school, a principal, a mother, and the killer all needlessly killed (As if killing could ever be needed!)

There have been too many massacres since 1999 (Which, in my opinion, started this current deluge of murders)... the first of which started in Littleton, CO.  A dozen lives here, a dozen there... what does it matter?

What matters is the victims (Except for the killers) had no choice.

Calls for gun bans, tighter laws, shouts of fury..they've all been heard.  So have the wails of the mourners.  I've not weighed in on the matter.  But I think the time has come to speak on the issue --

First off, when it comes to senseless murders, I realize that I cannot fathom the depth of the grief of the families.  I want to shout WHY with the rest of you. I want to demand justice and vengeance.  Yet, I know that the victims included the perpetrator AND his mother.  We cannot begin to understand what caused this man to snap when he did, and take 26 lives in the process.  But is it the weapon's fault?  Is the weapon maker's fault?  Is it the Ammo maker's fault?  If you are tempted to ban guns, remember:  ANYTHING can be turned into a weapon.  A knife (China, same day as Sandy Hook, people knifed to death in a school), a rope, a hammer, a chainsaw, a rock, Alcohol, drugs of all types,  forks, sticks, electrical cords, Appliances, nails... ANY and ALL of these can be perverted into a weapon.  Tire irons, crowbars, automobiles, motorboats, Gasoline... matches!  ANYTHING can be a weapon.

So, what is the answer?  Banning weapons?  Not when you realize that weapons can be anything.
Tighter security?  Sandy Hook School had a security system.  Armed guards?  Hey, we're not a police state, yet!

If you own a gun and someone steals your gun to go on a killing spree, are you ultimately responsible for its use?

If tighter security is not the answer, if banning weapons isn't the answer, does making everyone carry a gun the answer?  Kennesaw, GA, seems so think so.  Every head of household is required to own a gun.  But I believe that it will tend to faster tempers,   But this town's stats (only 4 murders in over 30 years and three of those in "Gun-free" zones) don't seem to bear it out.

Things started to go downhill when Madalyn Murray O'Hare decided "Devil take me" and fought the system to remove G_D from the class room!  This isn't to say that folks raised in homes of the righteous didn't go bad.  Jesse James did.

In these days, when information can spread around the world in the blink of an eye, We need ways to keep potential copycats from repeating the evil that has been done!

So, is RELIGION the answer?  I can't say that it is.  But neither is disarming the citizens because of the actions of some crazed loonies, nor constant surveillance.

We best have a balanced approach.  But you can't tell what's going to cause someone to snap.  You can't profile someone who's going to go insane.  You can't tell if some's religion is going to make them a self-appointed enforcer.  This is where the problem lies.

No, banning guns, knives, and anything else that could be a weapon isn't the answer.  I can't even see it in the equation.

We cannot shove our religious beliefs down someone else's throat.  We can't figure what will cause someone to snap.  And we cannot defend ourselves if our weapons are taken away.

What we need is knowledge...we need to be able to see the warning signs that so many miss.  And we need our guns to prevent this from happening again.  It makes no sense, but it's going to take knowledge, spirituality, training, and weapons... It's a volatile mix.  The wrong proportions will not solve the problem.  And if don't find that right mix, it's going to result in another conflagration -- one that we may not be able to stop.  It's an unfortunate time to experiment-- but it's got to be done -- as I see it!

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