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Monday, November 12, 2012

Election review -- Belly-aching Bastards!

The Election, Thankfully, is over.  I'm not pleased with the results, but such is life.

But I am ANNOYED.  I am a GOP member, and I am annoyed at my own party!  WHY?

Because, they are proving themselves poor sports, sore losers!  I'm tired of the stupidity they are spouting, despite how much they are doing.

They're claiming "voter fraud." -- that Romney actually won the race.  While there were a lot of close states, NOT A SINGLE one was close enough to be decided by "fraud."  Sure, there were some questionable tactics in Florida, especially St. Lucie county.  Some people stood in line for HOURS on Election day.  WHY couldn't they have gone earlier?  I did.

But the GOP, sore losers, are crying "Fraud!"  More than 3 MILLION votes separated Obama and Romney.  That comes to more than 60,000 votes "Fraud" per state.  OH, GIMME A BREAK, BABIES!

Florida is a prime example of their stupidity!  They're claiming that "141%" turnout occurred in St. Lucie County, and some precincts had more than 150%.  But when you look at the figures, that is an outright lie.  They're claiming "turnout" in St. Lucie was 249K voters.  But if you look at the total votes cast, it was only 125K voting out of 175K registered voters.  That's actually 70%, give or take .7 percent.  The problem occurred because of TWO PAGE BALLOT.  Each page counted as one "CARD", and the assholes are staring at that figure, figuring "FRAUD."

They're claiming over 100% in some Colorado counties.  I do not know if Colorado has Election-day registration like MN does.  But if they do, that could explain small discrepancies.  But I'm guessing that None of these places had over 100% turnout.

ONE PERSON in FL, claims she lives in a county that went "100% Obama," while she herself voted for Romney.  My own examination of that is proved 100% BULLSHIT!  There were only a half dozen counties that voted Obama.and NONE of those were 100%.  So, she's spreading shit, in hopes that something nice will grow.

They've ignored the real issues on the DFL side, screaming "RACIST" whenever someone disagrees.  But the poor sportsmanship of the People of the GOP is not even laughable:  It's PATHETIC.

The GOP must now dedicate themselves to the task at hand -- stopping the growing debt, protecting people from increasing taxes, stopping Obamacare, stopping the global gun ban, stopping Sharia law, eliminating our dependence on foreign oil.  They must stop the left from taking over the Court.

GOP--As a member of your party, I'm disgusted with your members.  But I'm not turning my back on 'em.  I'm telling you, you've got to GROW UP!  GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

Stop spinning the lies...or if you can't, you must learn to make them more believable than the DFL's lies.  BOTH SIDES are guilty of lying to the people.  When you stand before the Great Judge, will you be able to say, as if you are under oath, "We did nothing wrong"?

GROW UP, FOR GOD'S SAKE!  ALL of you!  You're supposed to be serving the people.  Instead, like Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars, you've been corrupted by Power. 

I want to put a name in for you for 2016 -- but it's a bit early, and I want to discuss the specifics with the man, first.  He's a dedicated public servant.   And believe me, THAT is what we need -- Not a narcissistic ass with an eye to his own power and golf game! 

THAT is what we need  -- the end of the belly-aching, and behaving like true sportsmen.  If you can't do that, you're as bad as the politicians!  And THAT IS THE FACT....AS I SEE IT!

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  1. BTW: The Poor sportsmanship is on both sides. Bragging and gloating is just as pathetic as the simpering, whimpering idiots who've lost.

    But I DO say this: I do not acknowledge BHO. The DFL has cost me more than the GOP ever will.