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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A tweet, a comment, and a response... Election night insights from a UK citizen!

An author, Simon Dunn (Here's a link to his blog, for those of you who are interested:, made a tweet that made history on Election night...It was funny enough.  It wasn't really an anti-Romney, nor was it a pro-Obama tweet.  Just an observation.
Then on his own blog, he had the guts to say that he isn't a businessman.  For your consideration, IS a writer a businessman?  This is my take on it -- AS I SEE IT.
<<Actually, a writer IS a businessman. In most cases, a very poorly paid one. (Now, remember, the term "Businessman" here is gender-free). The writer works long hours, typing out stories that may, if he is lucky, bring him a few pennies for months of work. He often has to spend his own money on paper, ink, computer repairs and more. And THAT is just to keep writing. Then he needs to shell out more to pay an editor, interest a publisher or, if he self-pubs, promotion. Hours a day, 7 days a week, possibly for months on end, then to edit and promote? Then, in the end, he still has an uncertain result.
The Presidency is a one in a lifetime shot (well, Dewey was more often, Nixon, Stevenson — they were the exceptions), but writing is forever. You often will never know if you will succeed or fail. Success may not come at all. Or it may come posthumously. At least, when you run for President, you know what the result is in one day (or, if Florida is involved, it might take a few weeks!)
Yes, a writer is a businessman. A very stubborn one. Unlike politicians who "retire" after their losses, writers continue. It's a dreamer's world. And it's also a form of insanity. :"Doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results." The thing is, there's that little seed — that dream — that keeps a writer going.>>
Just because an author or writer doesn't acknowledge his entrepreneurship doesn't change the facts.  He's STILL a businessman--   As I SEE IT!

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