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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A dream deferred, a vision in sight... Work TOWARD THE VISION!

Last night, I was appalled to see states "Called" for someone or another before the votes even started getting counted.  Calling CALIFORNIA even before polls closed.  Calling Hawaii HOURS before they closed.  And STILL Florida up in the air, just 1/2 of a percent separating the two candidates.  AMERICA IS DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF.  And Jesus himself said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." 
I HAD A DREAM.  I had a dream where the playing field was level and all had opportunity.  I did not envision a day when the strongest team would have to give up points when they played the weakest teams.

We used to be able to carry brown-bag lunches to school.  Now, if you do so, you risk having your lunch confiscated! 
We used to be able to wear (if there was no "uniform code") shirts that we wanted.  US Flag, US Marines, US ARMY, Rock 'n' Roll, Amy Grant shirts...  NOW, The only thing you can wear that's not deemed "OFFENSIVE" is Rock!  When our own FLAG becomes a symbol of "Offensive" -- but you can wear the USSR flag, or MEXICAN flag, or ISLAMIC Flag.,  THAT is a travesty, a miscarriage of Justice!
I HAD A DREAM...We could walk the streets at night without fear.  We didn't need to carry guns for protection. 
I HAD A DREAM --  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness meant just that.  Today it's Death, Drugs, and the pursuit of Welfare freebies.  Abortion on demand is not life.  Carrying a gun for protection BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO is not liberty.  And how can demanding the Government do everything for you keep you healthy?  There is something dreadfully wrong with our country.
I HAD A DREAM.  We lived in peace with our neighbor.  We made our own way.  But if we couldn't make it, we had neighbors who could help out, who WOULD HELP the Parable of the Good Samaritan, They would not cast us aside. 
I HAD A DREAM.  I dreamed of a day when Peace ruled.  I dreamed of a day when debating politics could be done civilly and not constantly result in charges of racism.  I dreamed of a day when Religion was the foundation of our civilization, not a wrecking ball.  I dreamed of a day when Politics was a "necessary Evil" -- Not a means unto itself and not a means just to obtain power and hold it.
I yearn for the time when "Free speech" did not extend to yelling "Fire," falsely, in a crowded room.
Conrad Janis said it in Mork and Mindy.  "A toast!  A toast to the good old days when values were values, and morals were morals!  I remember when 'sharing a pad' meant borrowing a note book."

I HAD A DREAM... But the dream is not dead.  It is deferred.  It is on hold.  It hibernates, slumbers, but does not die! 
I LONG FOR A RETURN TO NORMALCY.  I long for the day when FREEDOM returns, equality of opportunity (Without "guarantee" of outcome.  WHO can guarantee that without stealing from  the success of those who've actually won the game?

WE CAN RETURN TO SIMPLER TIMES WITHOUT ABANDONNING OUR CURRENT TECHNOLOGY!  But God's Judgement is upon us if we do not repent of our path, and return to Him.  THE PEOPLE MUST REPENT.

We, the people, must remember that our inalienable rights come from GOD...Not from Man. 
This is the ONLY WAY to survive the next 4 years and Beyond... AS I SEE IT!

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