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Sunday, November 4, 2012

An OPEN LETTER to those who have not yet voted.

IF you have already voted, you've already made up your mind.  That's fine and dandy. 
But for you who won't be going to the polls until November 6th, I want to all to do your civic duty.  It is IMPERATIVE that our Republic has a high participation in our voting days, or we become a dictatorship.
THESE Questions are meant to make you think.  If they sway your vote, I have done my duty and made you think.  If they do not sway your vote, I have not failed in my duty.  I still want you to think.  Think hard, be honest with yourself!  If you lie to yourself, you may be hurting those you love. 
1) Are you voting for someone because of his skin color and no other reason?  Or is that the primary reason you are voting for someone?  While I won't say it makes you a racist, it might make you one.  I'm calling you out.  I want to give a good hard look at yourself!  If you're a person of color and you're voting for Obama, look hard.  If you're Caucasian and you're voting for Romney -- look hard at yourself.  Be HONEST.  Are you doing so for skin color?  You need to see the truth about yourself.
2) Are you voting for someone because of peer pressure?  Are you in a Union?  Are you voting because you fear for your standing in the Union or because your job is threatened?  Don't buy into it.  Votes are SECRET -- while they can track  your ballot, it's a lot of work.  And it's wrong to be bullied into voting for someone for whom you do not want to vote.  If you allow yourself to be bullied into voting against your conscience, you simply invite abuse.  DO NOT allow it!
3)  Ask yourself:  Are you doing this for promised FREEBIES?  You're allowing yourself to be bribed.  Bribery and accepting a bribe are crimes.  While you may never be found out, it shows you to be weak willed.   I had a small battle myself -- I've gotten assistance from a Senator in my state -- who helped me get through to a place I had tried to reach for months.  The assistance was much needed and much appreciated.  But was it because of that assistance that I voted for the man?  Or did I allow my values and views on the world to rule?
I cast my vote:  I am at peace with my decision.

4) Are you voting for someone because you identify yourself with a party?  In my case, I run my information.  I many times vote party-line, I admit that.  But not always.  I've voted 3rd party in the past.  I've voted for the opposition party in the past.  But I cannot always support the party-line.  In 1986, a man was up for Governor in my state-at-the-time.  His opponent was a previous Governor.  But the party-line candidate espoused some views I could not accept.  When it came down to it, I found that I agreed more with the Previous Governor.  While we got hit with a tax increase (despite what he had claimed) and I regretted it later, at the time it seemed the right thing to do.  And, yes... If it came down to the same two again, I would do the same.  In 2006, it was a protest vote.  It's kind of funny --  3rd party, or other major party in 80, 86, 92, 98, and 2006.  And I did NOT cast a party-line ballot this year, either. 
5) Finally, are you voting for someone because you TRULY BELIEVE he/she can do the job well?  If one is an incumbent and you're of the same party, ask yourself:  IF THIS CANDIDATE WERE OF THE OPPOSITION-- AND HAD THE SAME RECORD -- WOULD I VOTE THE SAME?  I'm betting you're lying to yourself here.  You're not gonna vote your conscience, but your "PARTY" or "FREEBIE". 
IF, and I mean IF, you can answer all those questions honestly -- 1-3 NO, 4 Either is acceptable, and 5th YES... Then I cannot argue with you.  It doesn't matter if I believe you to be a fool.  Vote your CONSCIENCE.  Vote for the best for our country!  THAT is what we must do on election day. 
QUESTION YOURSELF.  Be sure you have no ulterior motive.  Investigate your candidates.  Vote your country.  That is TRULY what needs to be done -- AS I SEE IT!

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