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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Just when you think the level of stupidity has bottomed out, someone decides to take it down to another level.  I tell you, sometimes I wonder if there is a limit to stupidity!

Today is in my scope, and the target is CENTURYLINK...yeah, I do business with 'em.  I don't mean the phone company section, but the internet section of the company, ok?

For a number of hours, I was getting my Email from the addresses connected with Centurylink.  But one of the addresses was not getting mail -- in fact, it was giving an error, #500, internal server error.  This continued for several hours. Finally I decided to use the chat function to find out what was going on.  I would have called, but my caption phone is on the fritz again, and can't be replaced until the new phone arrives.

I give my name, and wait a very short time (Excellent speed, this morning, a Plus!).  I told them the problem, that one Email was giving me an error, and I was informing them of it.
They needed my phone number (Although it was already given when I went into chat) to check things out.
The bill is in my wife's name, not mine...but it's my Email account.

The guy comes back on, "I'm sorry, but you aren't associated with the account, So I'll need to talk with the account owner."

EXCUSE ME?!  What information did I request that needed my wife's authorization?  I'm informing them of an ERROR... a server error -- on their side!

Do you know how hard it is to type when you are angry?  For me, I am trembling and I can barely see straight after that comment. 

I CUT LOOSE ...  And this is a QUOTED TEXT from me:  "BULL SHIT!  THAT IS IMMATERIAL and you KNOW IT!  I'm informing you of an error on your side!"

a brief pause -- "I'm sorry, the Email is undergoing maintence, please try later."

GOOD G**!  Why couldn't they have just said that in the first place?  Was it REALLY NEEDED to speak with my wife on that?  NO, it wasn't!  It struck me as ODD, however, that I could SEND through the account, receive a different one...but the account wouldn't receive.

Just a couple minutes ago -- I tested.  It worked.  Problem solved.

BUT WHY the hassle?  Why couldn't they have just said "Some accounts are undergoing maintenence?"  Was it THAT HARD to do? 


I'm afraid that is a question (or 3 questions) for which I have no information.  But I know THIS -- It shows that the "DUMBING DOWN" of America is alive and well...even if I am not able to locate the source of the problem, nor the ignoramus who is behind it.

BTW:  BLOGSPOT?  I don't like this new format.  I can't add my tags any more.  I can't use CHROME.  I don't like what you've done.  Only reason I plan to stay is that you are FREE. 

KICKING A** in Florida....against Stupidity!   I'm starting a group... PASP.  (People against Stupid People).  Care to join me?

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