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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two months before the Mayan End...DTV ends

We've had a lot of problems.  A person cannot keep up with bills when there is no job.  When there is no job, there is no money.  When there is no money, bills have to wait.  It's the way it is.

This morning, as of 5 AM, our 16 YEAR BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP with DTV came to an end.  They shut us off without so much as a word of warning.  Fine and dandy.

I wrote to them.  I told 'em.  I pretty much said:  "If a 16-year business relationship means nothing to you, send us a box.  You can have your damned equipment back."

16 years!  At nearly 75 bucks a month.  What does that add up to, folks?  900 bucks a year!  That's 9 Grand over a 10 year period.  13.5 grand over 15 years.  And that totals 14.4 grand over 16 years!

Folks, watch who you deal with -- the people who end a business relationship without a warning (Such as DTV did) run worthless businesses!  They care not about people, only the "ALMIGHTY DOLLAR."  And since money talks (And that's the only way they listen), when money stops talking they stop listening.  Kind of like bribery, I think.

16 Years, down the tube.  Now, no way to follow the news, no way to keep the better half from going ballistic.

16 Years!!  Loyalty.  You don't often change insurance companies, do you?  You find a job, you stick with it.I spent 2 years at a job:  The store closed.  I spent 4 years at another -- they mistreated once too often.  I spent 12 years at the next job.  Then 9 at the next.  The next one -- I'd still be there if they had not been a bunch of FOOL LIARS.  (HEY, WALLY-WORLD-- You listening?  YOU ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS!).

Loyalty means nothing to anyone these days.  The only thing that means anything is money.  It shows how much things have deteriorated over my lifetime.

DTV, BS!  NO MORE.  And Since they started making changes without advising, I think it's time they go OUT OF BUSINESS.

It is time, folks.  Shut down your satellite dishes.  Go back to over-the-airways "Free" TV.  It may not be "Variety."  But at least, it's LOYAL.  It's like a good dog.  DTV is more like a SNAKE.

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