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Saturday, September 29, 2012

They can't read, don't think, or think I'm too stupid to live up to what I say!

I've been attempting to sell some stuff on Craig's list.  You've heard of it.  They've got a good reach.  Only problem:  You never get the answers you want or need.  I've sold a few things, but... When you make a post, say one particular method of payment and ONLY that...And then they write?

I've been trying to sell a good, upright freezer.  Solid idea, need cash.  Before today, I posted with the ad :CASH ONLY.

Damn asshole tried to get my name and address for a payment sent by UPS or FEDEX.  Didn't ask for dimensions.  Didn't ask for specs.  Didn't ask for age or color. Didn't even ask for pictures.

I told him, "The ad said cash only."

I didn't hear back from him.

Yesterday, I reposted the ad.  Today, I had a person inquiring.  Wanted to know if still available.  I answered in the affirmative.  He replies "Remove it from CL, you've sold it."  But didn't ask for pictures, dimensions, color or age.  He tells me he's getting married next year.  Great.  But he wants Name, address... FOR UPS/FEDEX payment.  I posted TWICE on this one:  CASH ONLY.  and "Other methods of payment will not be considered."

I've not checked my Email since.  If he's going to try to get me to take "UPS" or "FEDEX" payment, he'd better do one of three things:  1) Learn to read.  2) Learn that I mean what I say when I say CASH ONLY. or 3 ) Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect a free freezer.

Like I say, I've not checked my Email yet.  I expect either a scathing reply with threats or a deafening silence.  If I am wrong and he wants to bring the cash, GREAT.  But he's not gonna get me to take a "Certified check" or "money order."  I know better!  IF he wants to make it a personal check, and is willing to wait UNTIL THE CHECK CLEARS... or until I call the bank to verify the person's name, address, licence, phone, account, and balance.... OR if he wants to bring cash...well, we'll see.

IF I get a reply, I'll post it here.  But remember, folks:  I'm on to the scams.  If I can't meet you face-to-face for deals, I doubt that I'll do a thing.  I had ONE, make that two... who actually bilked me.  Actually, one charged 100 bucks for something I could have gotten at the library for FREE... (I was young and foolish), and the other one stole info from my a cost of 47 bucks.  I guess that's why all payments are electronic today and checks are going the way of the dodo.

As they said in THE MUSIC MAN:  "CASH for the Merchandise, CASH for the HARD GOODS..."

Sorry, folks.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, Shame on me.  I'm gonna keep you honest, you S.O.B.  And I ain't gonna get bilked by the scammers!

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  1. An update: After I told him (Assuming it was a him), I reiterated my sticking point: CASH ONLY. The results? As I expected. He SHUT UP.

    Today, I get a letter from someone else... The name is APPARENTLY fake. So far, all my stuff is Gmail.

    NOPE. No sale. And until these folks get it through their heads that it is a CASH ONLY deal, they can shut up permanently: SCAMMERS NEED NOT INQUIRE.