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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can you trust NOBODY?

I have been battling with the better half -- to let some of our livestock go.  I mean, we couldn't keep up with them!  I've been trying to sell livestock for YEARS.  I mean even in MN, I was trying to let them go!  And I couldn't deal with 'em. 

We did EVERYTHING in our power to get our livestock back to weight.  We de-wormed.  We increased feed (when we had it).  We had the vet out more than once.  And what do we get?

Finally, it was realized by my other half that there was NOTHING we could do on our own.  And we were calling rescue places, trying to get help.  And what did we get?  The run-around.  They were full-up.  Or they wanted something we couldn't provide.  We have enough proof!  And yet, a certain "WITCH WITH A CAPITAL B" decided to "sic" the authorities on us.  Well, let me tell you something, MISSY... I read your page.  I do NOT appreciate threats!  YOU wanted to come over and shoot one of us in the knee cap.  I read it!  I have PROOF, I SAVED THE FILE!

You told us an untruth.  You LIED!  You sneaked through the woods to get pictures and came onto our property and said that you did not.  You claimed that somebody said that we were "Out of water."  That was BULL if I ever heard it.  I DID request help.  I wanted names of rescue places.  And YOU BULLSHITTED it! 

NOW, Missy... You also pledged that you'd not contact the places you did.  And  you lied THERE, TOO.  You are a MAROON... TOTAL LIAR.

I have years of proof that I was trying to sell these pets/loved ones/livestock.  I tried.  I couldn't get everything everyone wanted.  So, you lump me together with abusers?  BULL SHIT, MISSY!

We confided in you.  You betrayed us.  You lied.  You proved yourself to be an unworthy individual, MISSY.  You are just a hunk of crap!

I hope that the animals that were rescued have a long, healthy life after their recoveries.  YOU?  Well, suffice it to say, I no longer TRUST YOU.  And if I find you ANYWHERE near my property again, I'm going to get a restraining order!

I guess I should have expected it.  It's my own damn fault for trusting you.  HOWEVER, you better realize that I don't take threats lightly.  And I will do EVERYTHING in my power to prove you a liar, a blackmailer, someone with no compassion except when it suits your own damned needs.


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