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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Racism vs. Freedom of Speech

There's a picture floating around Facebook.  It's not a nice picture.  It shows Obama with a noose around his neck.  It's not a nice picture at all.  Some people are circulating a petition to get it removed, saying it is a racist picture.

Let's test that.

How many times can we find George W. Bush being hanged or burned in effigy?  Probably dozens.  Maybe scores.  Possibly hundreds.  Where was the outrage when the people were doing this?

How many times was Reagan victimized in the same way?  They even attempted an actual assassination.  And they ALMOST succeeded!  When Reagan died, was there an outpouring of grief from the DFL?  No.  NONE.  These guys defended the opinions with the First Amendment:  FREE SPEECH.

Now, someone circulates a picture of our current President (whom many think is an usurper, not eligible to be President).  And I hear shouts of Racism, Hatred, and calls for censorship!

Who's got the double standard now?

I do not defend the picture.  I DO defend the right of freedom of speech.  If the Secret Service thinks it is a threat, let them deal with the perpetrator!  Don't DAMN SCREAM FOR CENSORSHIP WHEN YOU YOURSELF ARE BURNING ANOTHER PRESIDENT IN EFFIGY!

A while back, someone threatened to rape the females in my family.  I took the threat seriously.  But the advice I got was "Leave it alone."

I still warned the women in my family.  I took no legal action, although I could have.

I was berated, called a worthless piece of shit by a blogger.  He griped, bitched, bellowed, made a fool of himself.  If you ask me, he's a pitiful excuse for a human being.  NOTE:  I do NOT mention the guy's name.  Why?  Because he's entitled to his opinion.  So he's an asshole extraordinaire.  I don't give a flying pig about that.

Now, I can guess that some people are going to call me racist because I'm defending freedom of speech.  Thing is, that freedom works on both sides, not just one!  If you're attacking Limbaugh's stupid remarks, but you're defending stupid remarks from the other side, you're a bigot!  It's just the way it is.  You've got a damned double standard, and you're just too stupid to see through the haze of smoke that you're blowing!

Since when am I a racist if I don't agree with someone?  If I don't agree with a friend who happens to be Jewish, does that make me anti-Semitic? If I speak out against higher taxes for the wealthier people just because they have more money, does that make me RICH?  If I speak out against the death penalty, does that make me a murderer?  If I speak out in defense of the second amendment, do you label me a killer?  Do I have a right to wear my clothes?  Or are you going to attack me if my socks are wool?

The problem, AS I SEE IT, stems from stupidity and double standards.  Freedom of speech applies to EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN and even immigrants, legal or not.  Don't label me a racist or a hater.  If you do, you are making yourself exactly what you claim to detest.

Your own hatred will bite you in the butt.  It WILL haunt you.  I don't hate people.  I don't agree with your lifestyle, that's my right.  You don't agree with me, that's YOUR right.

Freedom of speech is a God-Given right.  Once you eliminate it, you start on a path to tyranny.  The United States IS* free speech.  And That's the way it is MEANT TO BE...AS I SEE IT!


  1. Two times now, my follow-up comment has disappeared. I do not know why.

  2. OK, since it came up this time --

    Censorship does not deal with hate. It merely restricts speech! If you are speaking for the death penalty but against abortion: Double standard. Or if you are speaking for abortion but the death penalty is ok, it's still a double standard. You're just too stupid to see the contradiction. In my case, my opinions agree: AGAINST -- except in extreme cases.

    Freedom of speech MUST apply equally to both sides. If I rebuke FLUKE for being an apparently freeloader and slut, I need to do the same to Rush for his stupid comments.

    When you try to eliminate the opinion of your opposition, you become exactly what you are dead set against. You become the tyrant. YOU become the Fool!