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Friday, August 17, 2012

Done dealing with idiots!

On the 15th, I posted a long blog about a website fiasco.  On the 16th, I went to a site where I was defending those I had believed wronged and had posted a link to my blog about this situation.  And on the 16th, I  REMOVED my post from the 15th.  WHY?

The Blogger in question is not worthy of my time any more.  In fact, I'd say he's not worthy of anything.

Berate me, criticize me, I don't care.  But when he threatens to rape the women in my family, THAT IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!

The guy is supposedly a comedian, as well.  So, is he going to try to dismiss this as "Comedy"?
Since when is RAPE a joke?  I can name 3 members of my family that have been raped or molested.  Does he REALLY THINK IT'S FUNNY?

This blogger lives in another state.  Fine.  He can stay in that cesspool of a city in which he lives.  But let me state FOR THE RECORD-- If he gets near one of my family members, there's going to be trouble.

I went to check on a post I had made on his blog...a post which indicated that I had reached a conclusion on the role I had in the mayhem, my final words on the topic, and where my conclusion could be found.  I noted it was not available.  Was it removed?  Or did I fail to post it?  I checked after the original post; it was showing.  Could it have been moved to another position in the blog?  Possible, but it doesn't seem likely.

I'm not sure how old this guy is, but he is, apparently, younger than I am.  Based on what I DID learn, a family member of his graduated from HS in 1999.  But the blogger's record I did not find.  Assuming him to be older than his family member by as many as 5 years and an event on his timeline, he was probably born in the 70s.  And while we agree on a few things, we apparently disagree on even more.  And ONE of the things we don't agree on is respect for our elders.  Not necessarily "betters" but those older than we are.  Sure, there are times when I get frustrated and run off at the mouth.  But this guy's language is filthy and it is stated that profanity is indicative of a limited vocabulary.

I am debating how to procede.  I take the threat of rape of the women in my family seriously.

I AM ANGRY.  And I am not going to stand by idly.  My family is going to be protected.  I'm going to be certain of that.  I have already passed along the warning to some family members.

This guy may have money, power, and freedom of speech on his side.  But I have indignation, anger, and the right to protect my family.

Making threats has landed some people in the slammer.  I suspect it will be only a matter of time until he is in there himself.  May God have mercy on him; The prison system won't!  

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