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Sunday, January 29, 2012

seems like only yesterday

But it was nearly 4 years ago when I was writing on politics, in particular DFL -- The Hillary-Barack battle.  Now, we are rapidly (THANK GOODNESS) approaching the end of Obama's first (And many people hope only) term.  There are no challengers to him on his side.At least, none that we can see.  He's unopposed by any DFL member.

4 years ago, it was a battle on GOP -- McCain, Romney, Huckabee...and I was preparing for the MN caucus.  I missed it: I was battling influenza A.  But I had done my research.  I was not going to do more than a "token" vote ; the straw poll isn't binding.

4 years, and 1500 miles away, this year I prepare for my first PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY.  It's on Tuesday, January 31st, here in Florida.  Unless I wind up in the hospital or something extreme happens, I will be casting my first vote in Florida.

I've been watching.  There's little civility, if any.  It's enough to turn me off.  But I know:  It's my duty to get out there.  This isn't a general election.  It's little more than a "beauty contest.,"  But I've tried to follow the candidates.  I was a T-Paw fan.  Then he dropped.  Bachmann fell by the wayside.  Cain was forced out.  Huntsman Shuffled aside.  The candidates dwindled.  I found myself with a choices that were not acceptable. Except one.

I know of "Romneycare"...And I find it nothing more than a mirror image of Obama-care, and NEITHER is any good.  Obama's is worse, because of the "extra taxes" that are being forced on to us, the consumer.

PAUL -- Too much of "Maverick" for me.  His anti-Israel views hurt him.  and it's gonna see a "Drop" soon. Maybe as soon as Tuesday.

Gingrich -- Well, I have a few words about his infidelity.  If it comes down to him vs. Oblamebushforya, I still won't support "O".  But I'm not sure I can support "G", either.  Sure, I like Newt's vision of a moon base.  But I don't see how I can support a guy who's been married 3 times.  I had a hard enough time justifying 2 with McCain.

That leaves Santorum.  A little of an unknown to me, but at least some of our views match.  I can say that about ALL the GOP candidates, though.  "Some" of our views match.

We need JOBS, not job killing (See Solyndra, Keystone pipeline),  We need spending cuts before increasing taxes.  We need a balanced budget, and a budget from the Senate.  We're getting NONE of this from "O".

Florida is a "Winner take all" state, I understand.  But I don't trust the polls.  And I can't see any way that Gingrich and Romney would pair up, nor Romney and Santorum...CERTAINLY not Paul!
While Florida may be a "Winner take all" state, there's a problem:  They won't get full delegate support.  Neither will NH, nor SC.  Rules and bylaws of the party give us pause.  But even if any one candidate slips by (By even 1 vote), Florida is done... and the winner may just grab the coveted nomination.

Whoever the Republicans finally choose -- there will still be a division in the party.  At least, for a little while.

So far:  Romney won NH.  Santorum succeeded in Iowa.  Gingrich got the nod in South Carolina. While Florida won't determine the final outcome (Bet on California),  expect whosoever comes in 4th to drop.  If it's Paul, you might expect a "3rd party" showing up.  Some would say the show's already over.  Some would say it's just beginning.  But, As I see it,  The show isn't over, nor is it beginning.  It's not a "SHOW" at all.  It's a circus.  It's an asylum.  And it's got to be solved before, and I mean LONG before JUNE...since the convention is in August.  We need to put aside our petty squabbles...and focus on the task at hand:  Removing an incompetent President (Or a usurper?).  If we don't make peace amongst ourselves, we get what we deserve.  It's a Frightening thought.

Yes, just think of what 4 more years of Obama is likely to do.  If that doesn't frighten you, you're a bit of a fool:  AS I SEE IT!

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