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Friday, January 27, 2012

Revenge of the Consumer!

You may get calls, letters, fliers.. all offering to "help" get your debts down.  They claim they'll "mediate" your debt, what not.  They generally use "credit card" offers to try bringing it down...just to entice.

Today, got one of the letters.  A month ago, they wrote and offered their "Services".  I ignored it.  After all, the only "Debt" I currently have (aside from utilities, car insurance) is a disputed debt, one mortgage, and one "very small" doctor bill.  Nothing else that I am aware of, and nothing that I would spend money on negotiating!

But these dingleberries seem to think that they can convince me.

Aside from the obvious problems of there not being enough, plus the fact that things are just "questionable" in almost all conditions, what's the point?

I decided to ELIMINATE their harassment, once and for all.  I hid my phone number (I don't use it when talking to unknown people, collection agencies (When they are right OR wrong) or creditors.  I WILL use it when talking to Family, friends (Mind you, I have no hearing, so I cannot HEAR them, but I need a caption phone), or business which I need services.  (That doesn't include agencies, schools, or whatnot).  I WILL not hide it when talking with politician's offices, stores that I do business with, or along that line.

Anyway, I told 'em "I have no credit card debt".  True enough.  I have no cards!  None on my own, and my wife's is small enough not to be a major factor.  But then they asked "Any loans, hospital bills, blah, blah".  Only "Loan" is a mortgage, which is current.  Only medical -- one currently for me, one for my wife...and that's it...CURRENT.  This doesn't include disputes, or the like.

Told 'em TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST.  They did...supposedly.  We shall see.
Their number -- was an 800 number  800-900-6068.

May I recommend you do no business with them?  They're obviously vultures...No thanks.

The CONSUMER wins THIS ROUND>... As i see it!

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