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Saturday, July 16, 2011

#Samplesunday: Mike's plan backfires; Diane dates Steve!

This week's #SampleSunday just shows that no matter how meticulous your plan, a monkey wrench can get tossed into it.  It's kind of like the Mullin, Standish, Smith triangle of the story involving the Pilgrims.  Well, Diane's too young to get married -- but what IS going to happen?.

I went to Steve's about 7:30 that night. He had little to say, but he explained away the date without a moment's hesitation. And what he had learned in the first day of "Superspy" wasn't much. He still had time, and I knew he'd make the best of it. But he requested the rest of the week without having to report. It seemed like a reasonable request, yet it still gave me an uncomfortable feeling. But I let him have his request.

The rest of the week passed slowly: too slowly. Having Diane around would make time fly, but when she wasn't around, things seemed too slow. Karl and I would play golf, fish, swim, or play cards. He didn't play chess, so I let my game slide. But time dragged. I would be very happy when the week was over, and Diane was back at the cabin and joining us for golf, and other things that made life so fun during this summer. Without her around, I felt empty. I mentioned it to Karl, who simply shrugged. I did attempt to learn more about him, his family--and Diane. I asked if he could teach me a few phrases in Swahili, the language he still used from time-to-time. But he seemed reluctant to do so. I guessed that even though we had become friends quickly, he felt uncomfortable teaching another language. Maybe, he just didn't want to give up an advantage. Or maybe he didn't think he could teach it correctly. Either way, I decided that I would check the library for any possible way to learn the language. I didn't know much of the others, even though I did know some phrases and words in Latin, French, and Spanish. Swahili would certainly be my biggest challenge!

I wrote a letter to Wayne. I told him what was going on, and invited him to the cabin if he had a chance. I gave him more information than I had ever given anyone in my letter. I told him that the week had seemed so empty. I did get a letter a few days after I mailed mine, but he simply restated what he had previously said. To sum it up, he said "Be careful. Don't go overboard." And, he repeated that statement that had been with me since he first made it: "Sooner or later, she will crush you."

Finally, the last day of "Superspy" was reached. I breathed a sigh of relief, and hoped that Steve would tell me all I needed to know that evening. I saw his car drive by that evening, but he didn't stop. And Diane was with him, again. Ok, the day wasn't over yet. But now, I felt left out. I felt deprived. And I felt neglected. There was something else, too. I could not identify the emotion. It was there, and it was strong, but it was not familiar. There was a bit of sadness, as well.

Over the next few days, the pattern of feelings continued, and Steve kept seeing Diane. I had asked him to stop after 5 days. He hadn't reported in, he hadn't told me anything, and he was still seeing Diane. Anger was now eating away at me. And I still didn't know what to do. And that's when I realized; Steve wasn't going to back off. 

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