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Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog 1 of two -- A question wanting an answer

Yesterday, while on Twitter, I made a comment that I didn't believe that the MN government shutdown was over.  Someone answered, pretty much asking "Why do you care?"   It's a fair question, one to which I shall give an answer.  But then this same person went on to call the GOP a bunch of "Snot-nosed cry-babies." -- which earns a second post to give my reasoning that it is the "Commies" in disguise of DFL which is running MN into the ground.  The response was quick -- I'll deal with the reasoning behind my belief on the next blog entry.
FIRST:  Why do I care about the MN govt shutdown?
It's true that it may seem like I should not care about it.  I no longer LIVE in MN, so what's the point, right?
First, I still have family in MN.  None of them are "Rich" as defined by 750K or more.  I believe that it's probably a lot less.  My own immediate family is retired, I am disabled.  One nephew is on SSDI, one is actively searching for a job without success -- He's a mechanic, but where he worked shut down -- and with all the car dealership closed from the last couple of years, it's left a glut of mechanics seeking work.
Another family member has children, needs help in watching the kids while she's at work (Daycare) -- With the State Government shut down, such aid is not forthcoming. 
Now what about Driver's licenses, car licenses, professional licenses?  New businesses can't start with that professional license (Doctors, Lawyers, Physical Therapists....and more).  This is lost revenue for the professionals, which is also cutting the revenue base for the state.  A shutdown did not help. 
There's something I needed from MN.  But with the offices shut down, I am unable to get it in time for proof.  They would be 5-6 weeks as it is.  Now, with a 2 week shut-down, there is even more of a backlog.
Then there are beer sales, lottery sales, cigarette sales. And the Track.  No beer sales, cigarette sales, or lottery sales would be permitted.  Each of these items are taxed, or a revenue stream.  Interrupted Revenue streams.  The Track needs state Inspectors, and there is a pari-mutual take.  Lost jobs, lost revenue streams, lost sales... These things don't come back in a deluge, if they do at all.  While State Jobs will get back pay, the revenue that would have come from them does not exist.
So, why do I care?  Because my family, my friends, workers, businesses are all affected. And I am affected.
I guess my reasoning here, AS I SEE IT, is best summed up with the immortal words of John Donne: 
  any man's death diminishes me, 
Because I am involved in mankind. 
And therefore never send to know for whom 
The bell tolls; it tolls for thee. 
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  1. Thats an accurate explanation and acceptable. What I wonder is why you are so quick to think your the only one who is going through that?

    As far as the comment on the way the GOP is handling things... In the eyes of many they are the winners. Yet those you say you care about and are being affected are among those that will get hurt by this... "agreement"

    I to am searching for work. I know what it's like. I also have a disability and am going through legal with SSDI.

    "Commies" could be labeled on anyone. Why single the DFL out?

  2. It may SEEM that I'm saying that. Sometimes I have difficulty expressing what I mean.

    And I didn't say that anyone would be hurt by the agreement. I DID say that the SHUT-DOWN was hurting people. Now, Dayton got "Some" of what he wanted. The GOP got pretty much what they wanted. That's true compromise. Neither side liked EVERYTHING.

    I am searching as well. But when you cannot HEAR, and your eyes are going, too... well, it makes things very difficult. Not to mention other reasons, but there IS only one vehicle. The wife will need it when she finally gets a job here.

    "Commies" -- can't be thrown at a GOP member. It's Leftist. I'm not saying that GOP members can't be greedy scum-bags. They can, and there are many who fit that description. But yet the "RICH"-- are the ones who create the jobs. Small business is a tough call-- a lot are not "RICH" by definition, but are labeled Greedy Scum because of their business.

    It's a catch-22. But I am glad that the Government shutdown in MN is over. I was doubtful that it really was. But when it comes to the FED... Well...I see anarchy ahead.