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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potential disruption, potential for disruption

Two-fold meaning, of course, but I'm not dwelling on more than one. There's
a 3-fold potential for disruption, but I'm going to ignore those bills,
hopefully they can be handled shortly. Too many, too high... But need the
cash flowing before that -- HOWEVER, I refer to a different type of

Twins are in 4th. 5 games under, 5 games back. 4 of the 5 teams play each
other. MN gets Detroit, Chicago gets Cleveland. MN is a half-game back of
Chicago. Neither Chicago nor Cleveland play until Friday.

Cleveland on top, Detroit, Chicago, MN. Cleveland and Detroit tied for top

If Mn loses, Detroit moves into 1st, Minnesota drops a game more behind
Detroit, and a full game behind Chicago. If MN wins, Minnesota ties
Chicago for 3rd, Detroit falls 1/2 game behind Cleveland and Chicago,
although idle, gains ground on Cleveland.

NOW is the potential for disruption. 3 games between Chicago and Cleveland.
I think it's 4 for MN and Detroit.

Any spreadsheet would be the size of Alaska. IF weather holds, the only
certainty is that the Twins won't be on top after Sunday's games.
Postponements just complicate things.

Any 3 of four can be on top after Sunday. I think there's a possible 3-way
tie (weather related)

THIS would be the perfect time for the Twins to make a move. Whether or not it happens is up to them -- and the powers that be. :)

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