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Friday, July 22, 2011

The calm before the storm? Or the eve of destruction? AN OPEN LETTER!

America seems oddly at peace tonight.  Oh, there's nothing odd about the peace that's shared nightly in the country.  But it's odd for a peace to be in place when the whole country is about to fall down Mount Everest.  We are on the verge of the biggest disaster in American History.  And the people in Washington are playing a game of "chicken" with the people of the United States held hostage by their decisions.
Of course, I speak of the debt ceiling and budget woes.  Neither side is willing to give an inch.    The DFL wants to raise the debt ceiling, raise taxes, spend and spend until we have to raise the ceiling again.  The GOP won't allow taxes to rise, they won't raise the ceiling; they simply want to cut the budget.  But what do you do when the money runs out?
August 2nd.  That's the deadline.  And it's a probably HOUSE OF HORRORS for the Americans who are being held hostage in this crisis.  We are the innocent bystanders.  We may have spoken up to our representatives, or Senators, or even the President.  But we are being ignored.  We are pawns in this game of economic brinkmanship, this game of chicken which could send this country into turmoil not seen since the War Between the States!
August 2nd.  That is the date the Treasury says we'll run out of money.  There will be a default.  Soldiers won't be paid.  Government Employees will be laid off.  The only people in the Government who will get paid are the people who are causing this Pandora's box to be opened.  Once the Genie escapes, there is no turning back.  And America will suffer for it.
August 3rd.  Social Security checks are supposed to go out.  Obama has threatened to block them.  MILLIONS of Seniors who rely upon that money won't get it.  Their bills won't be met.  There will be legal action against them, possibly costing them their homes -- as if the current foreclosure crap wasn't bad enough.  There will be no S.N.A.P.  No food stamps for those who can't afford food without that assistance.  In a day or two, the people will be starving.  And without the money they need, the situation will just get worse.
There will be a run on whatever banks are open.  The money will vanish in short order; the banks will close.  There will be a general failure. 
For those lucky enough to have cash, they will descend upon D.C. In mass, demanding the heads of those responsible.  It won't be just the DFL.  The GOP will be held accountable, too.  Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Cantor, Boehner, Reid-- Every Democrat and Republican-- heads on the chopping block. 
The only protection I see for politicians is MARTIAL LAW.  It would be declared early, just before the rioting begins.  There won't be any way to stop disaster.  The people who go to DC will likely find themselves being arrested before they reach 200 miles away.
BUT-- If Martial law is declared, the Military will have to be paid.  If they are not, you can expect a coup d'etat. 
It's ripe for an attack by terrorists.  And this is very disturbing!
You can expect the Internet to be shut down.  Expect your phone calls monitored.  You won't be able to get any money -- there will be looting.  Expect a DUSK to DAWN curfew.
It's time for the Government to stop playing CHICKEN and GET THE JOB DONE.  There are too many people who rely on the government (Which is part of the problem) to continue this destructive path.
The following offer, a temporary solution As I see it , gives a little hope -- IF the Government will stop ignoring the People and start working.  It contains distasteful ingredients.  But it's the ONLY WAY we're going to keep from blowing a gasket on August 3rd!
1) 10% across the board cut in Government spending.  This means Welfare, SNAP, Medicare, Medicaid.  It ALSO means cutting the salary of GOVERNMENT WORKERS by 10%.  Congressman, you're earning 170,000 a year.  CUT IT.  10%.  Mr. President, the SAME FOR YOU.  Cut 40,000 from your salary!  Judges and Justices:  SAME.  10%.
2) Pass a DAMN BUDGET!  30 day limit to get it done, or you DON'T GET PAID.  Fair enough?  You've been elected to do a job, not hold us hostage!
3) I don't like taxes.  I admit it.  Yet I see that a revenue increase is going to be needed.  Let the cuts expire.  Raise SS taxes by .05%.  Hit the wealthiest by 1.5%.  Get the companies to stop outsourcing jobs.  Each outsourced job is an American on Welfare.  Bring the jobs HOME.  Give tax breaks for THAT, not for sending the jobs overseas.
4) The debt ceiling, despite its already ridiculous number, must be increased some.  NOT Trillions!  Figure 1.2 Trillion.  And THAT must be accompanied by cuts. 
5) STOP GIVING AWAY THE STORE.  Cut foreign aid.  Cut Planned Parenthood.  Cut ACORN and NPR.  Send ILLEGALS back to their home countries, let the come in LEGALLY.  NO MORE WELFARE TO ILLEGALS!
We're in the LAST TWO MINUTES of game.  You've got the ball, but you seem to insist upon running out the clock.  The thing is, if you run out the clock without a score, you lose.
You've GOT WHAT IT TAKES, AS I SEE IT.  Don't be stupid.  Because if you are, it's going to cost THOUSANDS of lives...and your own MIGHT just be among them!
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