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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The stupidity of Morons, Al Gore Style!

Light Snow
Light Snow Mist
34.0 °F
Feels Like 34 °F
Sunrise / Set
6:19 AM
8:04 PM
Waning Gibbous

The above "snapshot" of the weather in St. Paul, MN, was taken at about 9:30 AM on April 20, 2011..  Note the temp!  Average "Low" is 43 for this time of year, with an average high of slightly over 60.

Predicted high today, the same as the average low.  low today?  Well, it's below 34 degrees.

You "Global Warming" activists -- it's time for you to get your head out of your ass and see the truth!  You're saying that the colder winters are caused by "warming."  You say that lower temps are caused by "warming."  You claim the droughts (which have been occurring since time began) are caused by "warming."  Hell, you say that your aunt Sophia's hair dryer gave out because of "global warming."

AL GORE -- who is constantly pushing this fraudulent gospel of globabble -- has absolutely no idea what is going on.  He'll twist words, and blame everything from Sunspots to meteorites on "Global warming."

Like the so-called animal rights activists and vegan who are out to abolish all meat, he ignores the obvious.
The animal rights activists/vegans also seem to be blind to facts.  They want to bring down the CO2 in the atmosphere, but they are eating the PLANTS which use it!  If you get the animals, the oxygen isn't used up so much.  The more animals there are, the more CO2 is emitted.  The more CO2, the more plants are needed.

When you disturb the balance, sure, there will be consequences.  But to intentionally disturb the balance for the sake of "restoring the balance" is in itself criminal.

AL -- Where's your HOT AIR in MN?  HMMM?  Haven't you realized that spreading fraudulent gospel is a sin?  I guess not -- 'cuz you're still doing it.

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