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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monster review... Don't bet on it!

If you've ever sought a job, you know how hard it can be to land that desired position.  In hard economic times such as we are in, it becomes even tougher.  When the unemployment rate is hovering around 10% (As bad as during the Carter administration) it is even more imperative that you use all the resources at your command, right?  Drive around, look for signs, stop...get a paper, use the Internet.  In fact, there are a lot of job sites on the web that can give you a lot of information.  Use your state employment agency, use temporary if you have to use it.  Two of the job sites on the web come to mind: and
I signed up on Monster.  It has large lists of jobs, unfortunately a lot of them are specialized.  If you don't have a degree in Science, or a medical degree... Well, it can be a pain to sort things out.  But you better live near a large city!  Let me explain!
Let's say you live in a small town, such as Fort McCoy, Florida.  You want jobs within 30 miles, an easy commute.  You enter your zip code, and later in the day, or early next day, you got a nice list in your inbox.
The problem is these jobs aren't exactly "CLOSE BY."  For me, 30-40 miles would mean cities like Gainesville, Ocala, Palatka, Fort McCoy, Eureka, or some of the other fair-sized cities near 32134. 
One day, they had a great number of jobs "Near Fort McCoy."  I started checking mileage.  118 miles.  98 miles.  299 miles.  398 miles.  562 miles.  HUH?  How are these jobs "NEAR" to my home?  6 hours, 10 hours of drive time?!  Come on, gimme a break here!
To be fair, these jobs are in Florida...most of them, anyway.  But one day, I got jobs listed from ATLANTA.  New York City.  Phoenix.  And dozens upon dozens from CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego) and some from Maine and Washington State.
I'm afraid failed miserably for jobs near to home.  In fact, there wasn't a single one listed that was less than 90 miles away.  They were (If in FL) averaging 200 miles away.  SURE, that's "near" on an astronomical scale.  Yeah, some of them were even an hour away -- by plane.  I DON'T THINK SO!
NO, I don't want to drive to Tallahassee.  Nor Daytona Beach.  I don't want to drive to Tampa, St. Petersburg, nor Jacksonville.
I think the lesson is obvious:  Get yourself a local paper.  Or try a different site.  But if you're counting on MONSTER.COM to point the way to your next job, you'll have better luck with a witch board. 
Monster has too many issues -- and the biggest one is stupidity of what they say is near to you.  You are best avoiding them:  AS I SEE IT!
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