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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you EVER wanted to yell at someone in charge?  I mean, specifically, a politician?  Oh, I can't deny I've wanted to do just that!
Yesterday was my opportunity!  And I took advantage of it.
We have a prominently displayed "NO TRESPASSING" sign at the end of our driveway.  Of course, it does not apply to police on official business -- but even they cannot enter without a warrant.  
Yes, a candidate who is also the STATE SENATOR from this district ignored the NO TRESPASSING sign.  My wife was not on the property, but she was on the road just outside of the gate.  And she heard me yelling. 
I took the Propaganda the gal left and tore it up right in front of her.  And I told her in no uncertain terms to GET OUT.  And I specified "DEMOCRATS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE."  NOBODY is welcome without an invite, unless they are family.  And family would contact us first.
That COMMIE won't be back.  And any politician, in office or not, who comes onto this land will be run off.  Police are not WELCOME, but accepted as a matter of law, but may NOT come inside without a warrant.  THAT is OUR RIGHT.  But if our gate is up, nobody comes in.
I would write to the senator, but I'm not going to waste my time.  NEXT POLITICIAN, CANVASSER, or other uninvited "Guest" is going to be arrested.  We have the sign up, they MUST follow the law.  If they do not, they can expect trouble.  While you can get in trouble, you must AVAIL YOURSELF TO THE OPPORTUNITY... AS I SEE IT!
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