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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Baseball soaps continue

3 games left, and the Yankees are really in a fix.  Tied for the division lead, but Tampa has the tie-breaker; this leaves the Yankees in the back seat of an out-of-control automobile (or a passenger on your motorcycle, take your pick!)  They have very little chance of taking the Division.  You know it, so do I.  All Tampa has to do is match them game for game in wins.  But don't count out the Twins who are just a game back for best record in the AL. Don't count them IN, either.  The Twins need 3 wins, with no more than 1 win for Tampa and/or NY.  None of the teams has been doing very well recently, and that could mean trouble for NY. 
Only thing we know for sure about the East:  The Rays control their destiny.  The Yankees are just along for the ride.  It's so amusing to watch As the Yankees Squirm. The question is "Can they squirm enough to get the Division?"
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