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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The plot thickens

While the teams are effectively set for the AL Playoffs, the plot thickens.
NY went into the Tampa series .5 game up.  Two games, they were 2.5 ahead.  Now it's back to .5 game.  But the kicker?  The Yankees are NO LONGER the best team in the AL. 
That's right, the TWINS are currently the best record in the AL.  That was not expected.   And with just 10 games left, the tight race in the East takes on even more meaning.
Of course, the Twins can finish 1,2, or 3 and would still play the wildcard team.  Now the question is WHO is that going to be?  Now, it's true that Boston can still grab the Wildcard, NY or Tampa could drop out, or Texas blunder.If TX blunders it away, that would really be a shocker.  If NY blows the playoffs, that would be a bigger shock. 
Eyes on the Prize...and that's the Home Field for the Twins.  And for NY or Tampa, it's the Division.  That's going to need be the first goal -- or they WILL blow it.  Boston, NY, or Tampa... Still up in the air:  AS I SEE IT. 
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