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Saturday, September 18, 2010

51 Thoughts (Don't let the title fool you.)

51. It's an odd number, It's the product of two prime numbers. People don't freak out when they hear you're 51, not like the teens do when they hear you're 30!
If a person hits 51 homers in a season, he's a probable shoo-in for the Baseball hall of fame. 51 touchdown passes in a season (more than per game) is gonna net you a fortune.
If you're married for 51 years, you've quite an accomplishment. 51 gold records in Rock & Roll, you'll be in the rock hall of fame.
But there's something else -- 51 is a horrible age.
With the average life-span of the American Male at 77.5 years, you've already passed middle age by 12 years. You probably have 1/3 of your life ahead, unless it gets cut short by accident or disease.
By age 51, most people have been married a dozen years, 2 kids. They've owned 3 dogs, or 4 cats. They've had at least one auto accident, one broken bone, and one major surgery.
I don't fit many of these categories.
What's awful is the thought of what 51 REALLY IS. It's a progression IN YOUR 6th decade. You've finished your first decade when you have your 10th birthday. So, your working on your 6th decade. Doesn't that sound awful?
Yet one of my family lived for 11 decades, dying at age 109.
51 years may not sound like much, but it's a constant reminder of your own mortality (Especially when you have lost 2 classmates in a week's time.)
Think of the average age of the people in Congress. Then compare to the President. You're older than the President, you've got a constant reminder that YOU ARE OLD.
The singers/rock stars you grew up with are either dead, or in their late 60s or 70s (Paul Anka, Frank Sinatra, KISS, Jefferson Starship, Marilyn McCoo, John Lennon, George Harrison)
Who the HELL is Justin Bieber? Can "Miley" Cyrus REALLY be an adult Child of Billy Ray Cyrus?
Most of us haven't really done anything with our lives. We've been living in obscurity, a faceless member of the masses who toil day in and day out, eking out a living.
51 may be just a number, but to me it's a reminder that we're all under a death sentence.

Yes, it's death watch time. It's time to Call in Dr. Kevorkian, purchase your grave, and write or update your will. It's the facts: AS I SEE IT!

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