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Friday, September 3, 2010

State Fair Poetry

Last year, out of sheer boredom, I wrote a series of quatrains commemorating the state fair here in MN.  While there are 3 days left this year for the fair, I have my set fully done THROUGH TODAY.
If you think you're interested, read on!
Open up the gates!
Swing open wide the doors!
Tomorrow it all starts again.
Can you tell me what's in store?


 They have opened up the gates,
And you have stepped inside.
If you're trying to lose weight, don't go,
Cuz EVERYTHING'S deep-fried!


Wander into the 4-H building
To view the arts and crafts
You view the winning entries;
You gotta wonder "ARE THEY DAFT?"


 Roaming on the Midway;
it's where the action's at.
You gonna pony up the funds to see
The "Cherry-colored cat?"


Looking for excitement?
Try the State Fair giant Slide.
Here's your gunny-sack, go down--
But protect your BACK SIDE!


You've eluded the crowds, some how.

 You sat down comfortably.

Too late you find @BillZucker 's been there;

You're out of TO!



Out of the sun, in the grandstand aisles,
Your blood still might boil
When you find all the vendors
Peddling their brands of snake oil!



 Sitting in the grandstand, now.
Please ENJOY the show!
In just 2 months you may be griping
'bout (GASP! Dare I say it?) SNOW!



The Space needle beckons at the fair
The sky ride does, too
You're running out of time, 
So what ya gonna do?


You chose the Space needle ride, of course,

 Cuz it won't make you sick.

 How appropriate it is:

The ride is on a stick!



Gotta love the Fair!


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