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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fighting back against the odds.

It seems like every time I do something, or my wife does something, we wind up fighting back because someone "Disagrees." It's happening now, and we've had to spend a small fortune already on lawyers, and will need to spend at least 1200 more (And we don't have it!) But we are fighting back, battling the lying bastards who are trying to rip us off while hiding behind "Procedure."

It's tough.

And right now, it's even tougher when we have to sell the house or get out by the 27th of January. The folks that have come to see are trying to obtain for a song and dance. They say that the floor plan is average, or worse. That's up to THEM to adjust, not us! They claim the outside needs work. WELL, I don't deny that, that's why we've cut so much off the assessed value! I mean, we're told the assessed value is 202K, and it's up for 170K. That's 40 acres! And they claim it's "Still too much." Let me tell ya, the land is worth 100K. The house cost 79K, 13 years ago. Don't go telling me that it isn't worth it!

Yes, there are some problems. But dealing with lawyers and people who won't pay a fair price for something like a house is very disheartening!

The odds are against us in legal matters right now. We can play the trump card, and we will win. But it will depend on circumstances. And if this house doesn't sell, we'll be on the street, no recourse. We have to beat the odds in TWO situations. Neither of them is going to prove easy.

Chasing a lying bill collector off your property is one thing -- but having to deal with the same in a legal situation outside of that is hard. Selling a house isn't easy, either...especially when you are under a strict time limit.

We are fighting back against the odds. The decks are stacked against us. But we've always seemed to have found a way. I'm just hoping the odds don't even up there! Without the level playing field, we're in for an uphill battle!

That's a fact -- and I KNOW where I'm coming from on this! It's a long-shot-- Like Onion vs. Secretariat. Or Ferdinand against the rest of the field...AS I SEE IT!

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