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Friday, July 2, 2010

The JUNE Canaries! Gotta love 'em!

GOTTA LOVE those Canary awards. Last month, I issued none because I just didn't have enough nominees to make it worth while. (Remember, I issue for the previous month. June would be May's canary awards)

Today is July 2nd, and I had more than enough nominees to fill the bill and make a canary tweet.

So, who is gonna get THE BIRD?

For 3rd place, The PRESIDENT gets a canary. Spending too much time on the golf course, not enough on the oil spill in the Gulf, and his nomination of Kagan for the SCOTUS. Buddy, why don't you DO SOMETHING, instead of sitting on your duff, or working on your Golf Swing. Maybe Tiger Woods can offer some tips on your game, but I'm afraid you need a BRAIN to work with the rest of the stuff. But I don't think Tiger is going to be able to offer any celibacy tips. If he does, he's barking up the wrong tree.

The SILVER Canary goes to "Enhanced Recovery Systems," one of our famous, hated enemies.
They tried to collect a "Debt," upon which requested validation. They received our letter, but within 15 days (And without validating) they sold it to someone else. I've not been able to establish any connection between ERS and the winner of June's Canary (The Gold Canary)

The Winner of the GOLD CANARY is the company to which ERS sold the "Debt," to which we STILL have received no validation. I grant you, they still have a little time (to the 15th) to gather and send the information. But we requested validation from THEM, as well. The Group "West Asset Management" still has a few days to get this stuff to us (IF they can gather it). And if we don't receive the requested info, they will have to withdraw the claim. (And I WILL report both ERS and WEST to the Dept. of Commerce for the state. I did that LAST time (For NCO and Transworld), and they were forced to withdraw the claim IN WRITING. I don't know what my success average will be at the end of this month, but I know it will be no less than 50%. And batting 500 is still pretty darned good.

So, you got the "Winners"-- who are actually LOSERS -- In our CANARY AWARDS -- Losers, all: AS I SEE IT!

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