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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Massachusetts Elementary School Condom Caper. WTF?!

Imagine, if you will:  School's been let out for the week -- the weekend is ahead.  Your 6 year-old first grader comes home -- and seems a little -- out of sorts?  Confused?  You ask what's wrong, but receive the standard "nothing" as a reply.  So, you ask what happened at school.  Same answer.  And you "let it go," until that evening.  You have laundry to do, so you check the pockets of the child, just to be sure nothing is in the pockets that has to be done...and you find...<GASP> A box of Trojans!
You demand to know:  "Where did you get these?"  The child's answer is NOT what you expect:  "I got them at school." 
"No, tell me the truth.  WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?!"
The answer is the same.  You send the child to his room...but something is nagging at you.  You call some of the other parents.  Each one -- each child, 6 years, 7 years old -- has gotten a box.  And they All say they got them from school.
NO PARENTAL NOTIFICATION.  Children in first grade receiving condoms.  No, this isn't fiction.  It's happening in MASSACHUSETTS  at a school known as Veteran's school.  An ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. 
No parental opt-out for the children.  The school gives out a box of rubbers to the kids.  Their "rationale" is that they are trying to "Protect" the children.  But they're not teaching ANYTHING PROPER.  They aren't teaching that the only way to avoid pregnancy is to ABSTAIN.  And tell me, how many 6 year old KIDS do you know that are having sex?
Being curious, looking -- at that age -- may be normal.  But how many of those kids, even by 6th grade, are running around in the nude, screwing their best friend's sister or brother?
Since when do the parents have no right in knowing what goes on at school?  They're paying taxes for an education for their child -- not for a box of rubbers and the advice:  Go out, have fun, but you gotta wear one!"
This school has overstepped its bounds.   It has ignored the rights of the PARENTS to know what's going on in school.  And the school is completely unresponsive.
You start with petitions.  Then throw the bums on the school board OUT.  If that doesn't work, you go to court. 
It's time that the parents once again take over the responsibility for knowing what's going on.  With draw the kids, if needed.  Home school.  Or private school. 
Let Children be Children...Teach them the facts of life when it is appropriate.  Don't let the schools such as the one above be fools.  Don't turn our children into the next "Sex-bot" generation!
You gotta go to school...but you don't have to take this travesty lying down (Except -- that's what the schools want!)
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