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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yahoo hatred...or is it just senseless abuse?

I will, on occasion, use Yahoo Email. I will post comments on various articles. I very seldom get a response, but when I do, it's usually a "thumbs up." I've NEVER been subjected to so many "Thumbs down" that I have a comment hidden. At least, that was the case until today.

Today was a first. Comment not only hidden, but 3 abusive comments to boot.

Topic? The Van der Sloot case. In case you need more info, that's a guy accused of killing 2 women, Natalie Holloway, and a more recent murder, that of Stephany Flores.

Let me show you the comments I received.

First one is MY comment, in Red
I have to say, I would not want any of you as a "Jury of your peers." You've already made your mind as to guilt and sanity. You're not a jury -- you're a lynch mob.

Fact: He "confessed." The confession is likely to be called coerced. I know nothing of the evidence other than the alleged confession. I prefer to keep it that way.

IF he is found guilty (And sane) he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. That may mean death penalty, I don't know the laws of land where the murders were allegedly committed, nor the laws in the land where he is held.

Even Juries can be wrong. Evidence can be tainted, lies can be told, clues can be planted.

Yes, juries CAN be wrong. But Lynch mobs (Which you folks seem to be) are never right.
Replies (3)
  • the NUT
    The NUT 24 minutes ago Report Abuse
    This guy has to be a lawyer trying to get a high profile job to upgrade his portfolio
  • nunurbusiness
    Nunurbusiness 32 minutes ago Report Abuse
    Upchuck.... stop spewing regurgitation... go commit yourself, you need it.
  • DarleneR
    DarleneR 35 minutes ago Report Abuse
    Have you visited your brother OJ in prison lately?

My comment below was added for my defense.

  • your avatar
    ChuckBa second ago
    Your comments border on Abuse.
    First, I'm not a lawyer. Never have been, don't claim to be. I'm looking at it from the point of an impartial 3rd party. I said I really know nothing about the case, didn't I?

    2nd: You know absolutely nothing about me, to claim I need to be committed is a lie, shows your ignorance and stupidity.

    3rd: I don't know OJ. He's not in my immediate, or ever remote family, an if "race" is a factor, he's not even my race.

    Who's the hater?

    I did learn something big, however -- Your bigotry shows!

    I will reiterate: I know nothing about the case. I never said I knew anything about it, except for the alleged "confession."

    No man shall be put to death for the sins of his son: Each man shall die for his own sins.

    I will say, again: I'm glad I'm not being tried, and that you aren't on my jury. With "impartial" people like you, I don't need accusers.

    Amazing-- Try to inject a little sanity into the hate convention, you get blacked-balled!

    Only "DarleneR" had the gall to include her "real name" if that IS her name. I'm going to give her the benefit of a doubt on that.

    I am NOT going to shut up because of some jerks who can't see the facts. I'm not presuming guilt or innocence for Van Der Sloot. IF he is guilty (and sane) he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

    Don't try to "shut me up" for trying to give some balance to the situation. Look at yourself-- see your own hatred. It's SELF-Hatred. And you'll wind up the loser!

    The CASE is currently opinion. My "opinions" are the facts-- AS I SEE IT!

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