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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Canary awards--the worst of the worst.

It's May 1st, and that means it's time for our monthly canary awards. This is one canary the cat can't swallow. (Please, no bird jokes -- I don't like the idea of bird jokes being parroted -- because they either take wing or lay an egg!)

For those of you who are familiar with the Canary, you know it to be a takeoff on TEM'S "Hoover Award." I've not seen much of it recently, so I just use the canary to give people or organizations -- the unpalatable types, unsavory types -- the bird.

So, who's getting the Bird for the Month of April?

There were a half-dozen deserving of it. Usually, they're bill collectors, fools, and sometimes Government agencies (See last month for the only 3 Govt. Entities award ceremony in the history of the Canary Award.

This month is more "Normal" in the giving of the bird.
It was kind of difficult to pin down the order, however.

The Bronze Canary goes to FAIRVIEW HEALTH SERVICES (Billing Dept). Not responding to letters, inquiries, ignoring payments that were made, sending threats, and attempted extortion.
I've got a lawyer on this, and I'm following his advice. Thing is, Fairview failed to credit more than 200 in payments since the start of the year, and they've been threatening me with "Collections." REALITY CHECK -- I've proved they aren't owed 1/2 of what they claim. They have a LOT of explaining to do with the legal system, methinks.

The Silver Canary... It's our old friend the Bill collectors -- I recently discovered that a company that send a demand is actually the parent company of another company. THAT company had ALSO send a demand. I requested Validation. They did not. They're trying again. I requested validation AGAIN. Time's up. If I don't get it by the 5th (post mark no later than the 1st of May) they will have to withdraw the claim or face the wrath of the FTC and an attorney. They were supposed to prove validity in 30 days. They didn't last time. It looks like they'll fail THIS time, too. Who's the company, who's the parent? The first one is called "TRANSWORLD," and the parent is "NCO". It looks as if they've lost out, and I've already taken the liberty of reporting them to the FTC, a lawyer, and I have the Email address for the Minnesota licensing agency ready for a complaint. The ain't gonna weasel out of this one!

Although Juniper came in 4th, and very close... I have to award the GOLD CANARY to the biggest fools in History -- HOUSEHOLD BANK. When my wife was in the hospital, I tried to contact them to tell them... they refused to note the account, claiming that they had to talk to her. I tried 5 times, I think it was. I finally resorted to a letter, which was ignored, and a threat sent. I tried again, via letter -- INCLUDING CERTIFIED MAIL... oh, they answered -- but they refuse to acknowledge the situation, they do not answer the questions, they merely tell us to "CALL US." They then threaten again. Why are they so afraid to put anything in writing? We could record the whole thing, but what good would that do? Nothing. Calling the lawyer! He's got the info, and we're waiting to find out WTF gives with these morons at HSBC.

I don't know who's going to get the BIRD for MAY...but I'm almost willing to bet that HSBC, JUNIPER, and NCO will be right in there, again. And next time, I won't be so kind...because I've already reached the end of my rope.

Yep, the BIRD has been awarded, once again... to everybody's Favorites...or is it "NOT SO FAVORITES?" And I can bet they'll be back...They just LOVE getting the BIRD.... AS I SEE It!

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