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Friday, April 30, 2010

Illegal Immigration -- The view on AZ from MN

As most American Citizens know, and probably all Illegal Immigrants in the US, Arizona recently passed a law which will crack down on illegals.The police are now authorized to demand proof of citizenship, green card, or proof of "Resident Alien" status.  The purpose is to find and send back to Mexico illegal immigrants from there.  There is a LOT of "squawking" from both sides. 
The President of Mexico has chimed in:  "Where there are Mexicans, there is Mexico."  He's demanding fair treatment for Mexicans.  Thing is, if I tried to sneak into Mexico, I'd be jailed for a felony.  But the US grants amnesty to illegals, not bothering...allowing illegals to take US jobs, pay no US taxes, get free health care, no car insurance... Simply put, sneak in and steal the Benefits due to AMERICAN CITIZENS.
The other side claims it's an infringement on "Civil Rights."   Yet, if an American went to Mexico illegally, there would be NO RIGHTS for that American.
People are saying that Arizona is turning into Nazi Germany with its "Show us your papers" policy.
The bill, and its purpose are completely Constitutional.
Unfortunately, in implementation, there are a lot of problems.
Police are able to stop ANYONE who is "a suspicious character," and demand paperwork.  You can be shopping in a grocery store, waiting for a bus, picking up a Newspaper. 
The probability of "Racial Profiling" is all too real.
I know a few Minnesotans who are Latino in heritage.  They could be stopped, detained...for now reason other than the fact that they "appear" to be Mexican.
The idea is noble, the implementation is not good.
The law has to guard against profiling. What constitutes "Reasonable suspicion?"  I've been stopped, myself -- although I have committed no crime, had license demanded even though I was WALKING... What was my CRIME?  Being out after midnight?  Walking unescorted down the street?  No crimes--but summarily stopped and questioned --  "Procedure."  Yeah, it's bullshit.
I don't care if you ask for proof of citizenship.  But it better be tied to an actual CRIME.  I mean, traffic violation, littering, non-payment of taxes.
There are too many power-hungry cops out there, just waiting for the opportunity to exploit the weak. 
My take on the AZ law is simple:  Add safeguards for the people.  Don't let the cops stop just anyone for "Suspicious behavior," which could reasonably including waiting for a bus or taxi, or just having dinner at a restaurant.
AZ has the right idea -- but the law doesn't go far enough to protect the citizens of the US, the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, or the Resident Alien.
Arizona's government has a LOT of fine-tuning to do... As it is, I cannot side with the law entirely, nor can I side completely with the citizen.  The citizen still needs to be able to show that he is a legal citizen, but not at the pleasure of a "Suspicious" act.  ONLY when connected to a crime.
So, at the border, I'm kind of "On the fence" -- AS I SEE IT.
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