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Sunday, April 25, 2010

14-Year Old girl makes HOW MUCH AN HOUR?

It almost reads like one of those ads:  "Unemployed Mom makes $87.00 an hour."  But in reality it is much more serious, and the Headline is much, much different.  When it comes right down to it,  it is a tale of neglect, abuse, porn, child labor, what some claim to be the first amendment, and lots of loop-holes which finally lead to the arrest of a man who runs a "Strip Club."
In short, the thing was reported on the YAHOO! Website, and it would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious.
To sum it up, the manager of a "Gentlemen's Club" in Detroit was arrested after it was discovered that a 14-year-old girl worked there as a "Dancer," or more accurately, stripper.  This child was making up to $350 a night in tips.  Now, THAT is good money.
However, this whole thing raises a LOT of questions that need to be answered. 
1) What is this 14 year old girl doing with a Fake ID?  (This is alleged, check-out was supposedly done.)  Was she also using a fake SS#?  Fake Entertainer's license?
2) Were proper checks really done? This is a BIG question.  If the ID was fake, and the SS# was fake, there is a slight possibility that who-ever did the hiring might have been deceived.  But a 14-year-old girl isn't going to be able to hide her age for long...especially if the owners or managers have eyes.
3) Where were the parents?  Is this a one parent home, for whatever reason?  If the mom was home in the evening when the girl was out, how did she not ever check-up on where the kid was supposed to be?
4) What prompted this girl to go into nude dancing?  Was she SAFE at home?  Beaten by her father?  Raped?  Molested?  Did she owe a massive debt to someone, maybe a drug dealer? 
Until more is known, there is no way to place the blame, it must be spread around.
There is only one thing that can be done, legitimately:  Get the kid to a foster home or maybe in juvenile detention) and shut down the business until blame can be placed fully.  This takes full responsibility by the state, as if they didn't already have enough to do.  Find out what REALLY gives.  Be sure the kid has paid the taxes on the money earned, and that the employer did proper by tax laws.  And be sure the parent (or parents) are fit for the job they should be doing.
It's a big puzzle, and the key pieces are still missing.  That's the worst problem -- and until that problem is fully solved, the problem's blame MUST necessarily be placed with all the parties involved, and the STATE (G_D help us!) must take responsibility for solving the problem.
There's no dancing around this problem  --  AS I SEE IT!
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