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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

History, Lessons in History, and Lessons involving History

 History is a troubling subject for many.  I mean, who remembers anything from History?  We study it, but we don't see the lessons, we forget nearly all of it.  We may remember dates, such as July 4th, October 12th, May 7th, or August 6th.  But who remembers April 20th?
For instance, on this day in 1889 (April 20th, 1889) a man was born --  a nobody who would change his name, and become one of the most infamous men of all time.  His name?  Adolph Schikelgruber.  His name changed their name to HITLER.  Adolph would rise to power, from a nobody to chancellor of Germany.  He would lead Germany into War, and attempt to destroy all Jews everywhere.  He didn't succeed.  He didn't realize you can't fight the Jewish people and win.
On April 20th, 1999, you may have been listening to the radio when you heard the name "Littleton, Colorado," and a "Columbine."   On this day, two troubled teens, who would become mass murderers, went to school, and they began killing kids, teachers, injuring and killing whenever and whoever they felt like killing.  Were they "White Supremacists"?   History points to "YES."  They may have even chosen the date of the attack to coincide with Hitler's Birthday.  What we know is that they were loners, depressed, and violent.  Considering I had family in Littleton, Colorado, at one Time, this hit close to home.
This leads to Lessons INVOLVING History.  If you make plans for a day, a day involving history, be sure you specify exactly what you plan to do.  Don't make "Vague" references.  I did that.  Believe me, I learned what can happen if you do.  Somebody with no brains (Like old "Poptart", as I called him) will misinterpret your plans.  They will consider it a threat.  And if it's at work, you will probably get fired. 
This happened to me.  I was being scheduled 19 STRAIGHT DAYS by a fool (A Dilbert Boss), And I knew how I could escape the 19 straight days -- simply by taking a vacation in the middle.  I had the misfortune to mention this to the A-hole I mentioned.  I was watching the Vacation list, to be sure my days were going to be free.  I told the guy I was watching, and I had plans that would be put into action on the 20th of April (Which was the first day I had to choose my vacation)
The half-witted M-F A-H, decided it was a "Threat" -- I wound up having to leave the company shortly before my 10th annivesary.  It was obvious that they were conspiring against me, since I had no actions against me until year 8.  Year 9 was the clincher -- the destruction of dreams.
The lesson learned from history is "If you are going to mention history in regards to your plans, you're going to have trouble."
Keep the plans to yourself.  Or don't mention History.  It's likely to be misunderstood...or worse.
Just a lesson in History, and From History -- AS I SEE IT.
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