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Friday, April 2, 2010

Canary Awards for MARCH!

In this world of the absurd, the time has come to give the bird...12 nominees, who will it be...One more time for a canary!

I LOVE Canary awards. It's a great way to say how you feel -- giving someone the BIRD. And THIS is truly an unusual month for Canaries!

12 nominees...including 2 credit card companies, 2 insurance companies, 2 collection agencies...You GOT to know who's getting 'em RIGHT? I mean, Household is going to grab one, RIGHT?

THAT's what makes this month unusual...not a single bill collector, not a single credit card company gets the bird this month...although some were close.

So WHO is getting the bird? If not Household, not Progressive, not NCO or ERC?

It's SO appropriate that this month starts with shouts of APRIL FOOL and ends with shouts of MAYDAY!

BRONZE CANARY: Our Illustrious leader himself, Barack Insane O-Blame-ya.
His heavy-handed tactics and general creepiness have set this country on the path to Communism with a heavy dose of Islamic Jihad thrown in for good measure.

SILVER CANARY--This one was easy after giving the Bronze to the President. Yeah, He deserves the bird, but another Bird goes to our "Take it all Away" Government. Our "noble" Congress (GOP and 34 DFLers excepted) are deserving of THE BIRD. Pushing through Obamacare, forcing people who can't afford insurance to buy it...taking away from those who earn their living only to have it given to someone else...
Death Panels now forming, folks. Get in now, you might be able to get a job later. MAYBE even health care. But right now, it looks as if the Morons are still in power...although we can hope for better results in November.

OH, yes... I must NOT FORGET our GOLD CANARY. Waste, fraud, bullshit... yep, this organization/branch of government is being awarded the BIRD. The CENSUS BUREAU!
One guy I know received 4 post cards from them...wanting info. This is a ONE FAMILY HOUSE, why the hell are they sending 4 cards? They're demanding the stuff back BEFORE the date given on the first question! They want people who are in the house/residence as of 4-1, but they want it back before 4-1 is even reached? What kind of Moronity is that?

They're demanding your FULL NAME, PHONE, BIRTHDAY, RACE... Why is Birthday so damned important? All the census really needs is NUMBER OF PEOPLE, GENDERS, and MAYBE ages.

They sure as hell ain't getting a phone number out of me. I'm not giving 'em a B-day. They don't need it. As for "RACE"-- well, I'm HUMAN. If they don't like it, they can LUMP it!

So, it's a first: An ALL GOVERNMENT CANARY AWARD CEREMONY. It'll be back to normal next month, I guess. And Since the Census can only win a couple of times a decade, I guess it's already on the path to another.

That's THIS MONTH'S Canary awards-- Govt. Issue! AS I SEE IT!

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