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Thursday, March 25, 2010

OPEN letter to James Oberstar, my Congressman

I have sent a copy of this letter through Email. I suggest that all of you who are against this Government take-over do the same to your Reps who voted "YES." That would be all but 34 DFLers, but not a single Republican. The only DFLer in MN who did NOT vote Yes was 7th District Congressman Colin Peterson. THANK YOU SIR. You did correctly!

Dear Congressman Oberstar:

I find your vote on Health care to be wrong. VERY WRONG. You are (in essence) forcing someone to buy car insurance for a car when they don't own a car, or a radio for someone who cannot hear. The ECONOMY does NOT permit some people to be able to have jobs. They can't get one, they can't even make their house payments. I've lost my house to foreclosure because I am among those people! Granted, I am disabled. I have no money to pay bills, and I am being forced into bankruptcy. So, how am I supposed to make what could be $2000.00 a month for an insurance policy? What little my wife and I get goes for food. You have not guaranteed that ILLEGALS will not continue to abuse the system, from what I am able to determine. This is not a service to the people of Minnesota. This is disgraceful.

IF I am wrong -- I would appreciate knowing how people without jobs, without money, will be able to pay for this ridiculous mandate. I CERTAINLY would like to know what precautions are being taken to keep illegals from abusing the system.

I would also like to know why the Federal Government gave JUDICIAL POWER to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE to enforce what appears to be an Unconstitutional mandate! I await your reply. PERHAPS it may be enough to deter me from voting for your opponent.

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