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Monday, March 22, 2010

Another problem with the healthcare bill

I mentioned cost of the premiums...and what happens if you don't have insurance. So, what's the schtick? Let's say you lose your job, and don't have enough for everything: Food, mortgage or rent, Insurance, misc. bills. Or worse, you have no money at all -- nothing for house payment, anything. You can't make your house payment (Like what's happened here), you get foreclosed. You can't make the insurance, you get FINED. What kind of BULLSHIT is this?

And now, they want to tax the benefits from insurance, too. We're paying from the wallet, and through the nose. It's enough to make you sick...oops, you can't GET sick without insurance.

It's time to throw the bums out. Pelosi, Obama, Frank, Reid...all the crooks who have voted for this are robbing you blind. Thing is, they are politicians -- it's called "TAXES".

Let's put these morons on a park bench -- no health care, and fine 'em for not having it. Take away their pensions, tax their investments 110%. Let's see how they like it!

It's REVENGE...And the election is coming up. We MUST do our duty...AS I SEE IT!

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