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Monday, March 8, 2010

A review of the "Support" of the Tweetdeck staff

There are a lot of people who use Twitter.  And some places put out utilities for the site.  It's a great cause... And if the people who put out the programs would support them, figure out why it's not working, it would make people happier.  I mean it really would.  Some people would be willing to pay for the program, for the support...if the issues would get resolved in a timely manner!
There are two "Account management" programs I know about which are used for the desktop or laptop.  They are Tweetdeck, and Seesmic.  And this particular report about TD is not going to make the programmers happy, I'm certain.
I used to use the version .25 for Tweetdeck.  It worked, but I would keep running out of API, so I would many times have to wait for the reset to get my updates.  That bugged me, but I lived with it.  I updated to .26, but that particular problem remained.  And there were some problems getting it to update when there was enough API.  I could usually reset that by logging off, and logging back in later.
I upgraded again, the problem with incoming tweets became more pronounced.  They claimed to be working on it, updated again to v..331.  And then they "Fixed" the problems with that, putting out version .332.  But what happens when I got the upgrade?
I am now, constantly, getting "Problems with all tweets feed", "Problem with @replies", or "There is a problem, don't panic."
I wrote to Tweetdeck on the 2nd.  I got a question, which I answered.  2 days went by, no status update to the support ticket.  3 days.  4 days.  5 days.  And now, we're on day six.
Folks, I strongly recommend that you DUMP TWEET DECK if you have a newer version.  The support is absolutely non-existent, a complete waste of your time!  If you can't even get a status update from support, they obviously DO NOT CARE, AND HAVE NO INTENT OF PROVIDING SUPPORT.
Ok, they make their money from a different program, something that works.  I'm sure they have a staff waiting, but if their staff is as "competent" as the Tweet deck part of the staff, I'm surprised that they are still in business.
If you plan on getting support from that company, I hate to burst your bubble of belief, but it is apparent that they will not give it.
I'd suggest we boycott that company, but I'm going to leave that to you.  That's YOUR choice.
My choice was determined by the lack of support for their products.  And you should take it into consideration if you plan on using ANY of their products.
MY CHOICE is TO HELL WITH THEM!  That's, unfortunately, the ONLY choice:  AS I SEE IT!
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