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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fw: My ISSUE -- a letter to my state Representative.

I'm a guy who speaks his mind, sometimes to my own disadvantage.  But I have the right to SPEAK IT, according to the Constitution of this land (At least, until Obama and his Marxist cronies do away with that right).  Today, I fired off an Email to my rep.
Interested?  Read on!
Subject: My ISSUE
OK, I contacted you on a similar issue last year, now I'm at it again.  If
Nothing can be done, I'm going to be out of here anyway, but until I'm sold
Or forced to move, I'm still here.
Yesterday, I got pulled over -- for no reason that I could fathom.  I asked
The trooper (State Patrol) who's last name was Hill, why he pulled me over.
He refused to say, instead asking to see my license.  I have a lot of issues
  And having a trooper pull me over without giving a reason irks me.
I again demanded he tell me why he pulled me over.  His response "You're not
In charge, here."
What is it with these guys that they cannot, or will not, tell you what you
Want to know?
THEN, he had the audacity to ask me if I knew Jesus!  While I am Christian,
I find it an outrageous invasion of privacy to be asked about my Faith.  In
A way, I suspect that violates the Belief in separation of Church and State.
  I wonder if he would have arrested me if I were Muslim.  I can't say he
Would have, but it makes me wonder.
I'd like to see two laws passed on this matter:  1) If you have to show your
License, you are due an answer as to why you were stopped.before you show it
2) They should not be permitted to ask questions about your religion on
Something as "routine" as a traffic stop.
I can go on and on.  Once, I wasn't informed until it was almost too late
That the police had requested a medical exam to determine my fitness for
Driving (because of my asthma).  If they are going to pull this type of
Stuff, it's imperative that we have some safeguards as citizens!
When people on a power trip are wearing uniforms, this state and country are
In major trouble.
(signed with my full name) 
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  1. Yeah, that's pretty ridiculous. :(