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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Way of the Moron, er...Census

By now, most of you have probably received your census form. I know a guy from Indiana who hadn't, as of 3-20. I'd say "If you don't get it, don't worry about it. It's NOT your fault, it's THEIRS.

I got the "Short" form. I thought they were all going to be "Short" this year, but I saw someone working on a 6 page form. That's total nonsense!

Yes, the Constitution requires that the people be counted every 10 years. What is really necessary? I mean, WHAT do you BELIEVE is necessary? How many live in the residence (House, or apartment, or even homeless shelter).. THAT IS IT. They don't need age, birthday, gender (or sex, if you prefer). They don't need to know if you're employed, or your "Race."

I GOT my form. I've determined what I am going to answer. I REFUSE to give my phone number. They don't need it. And they can "Behave like a vacuum on my private parts," if they think I'm giving it to 'em. They want my gender (Their term is SEX) I plan on writing "Seldom" in a third box that I am going to write in.

They want "RACE." Why do people of color (In particular those some refer to as "Black" get 3 identifiers while we of European descent (Caucasian) get only "White," as am identifier? I've already placed "CAUCASIAN" in the box, crossing out "White." If they don't like it, they can lump it.

They want Birthday. Sorry, I'm not giving it. I'll give my year (Maybe) otherwise, I'm leaving the form blank. And they can stick it where the moon doesn't shine if they don't like it. Or I'll write in "LEGAL." I've not determined which course of action I will take there.

They want to know if I have a mortgage or lease, own free and clear, or am "Squatting." It's really none of their business.

Of COURSE they want your full name. I gave 'em an initial in 2007. They DON'T need more.
Tell me, though: WHY the HECK should I have to give them information 3 times in 10 years? It's supposed to be ONCE IN TEN YEARS, although Reagan apparently turned into a twice-a-decade deal. But if it's "Twice" a decade, why did I have to fill out the form in 2000, deal with another in 2007, and have to run 'em off LAST YEAR? They have NO RIGHT to invade my privacy in this manner.

They've got a "Bar Code" on the form. I'm going to do something with THAT, too. Not sure exactly what, yet. Maybe I'll cut it out of the form. Maybe I'll run a marker through it to make it impossible to read. Or maybe I'll try something else...One thing comes to mind, but I am not going to reveal that just yet.

If YOU want to fill it out completely, give the government more info than they really need, that's all fine by me. But remember, They say they can't use census data except in "Aggregate".
They CLAIM the info is "Private and Protected by law. But YOU WATCH. They'll be out giving away your info to all insurance companies, thanks to the Obamacare bill. If you're a Republican, you're going to find your name on a Terrorist Watch list. You wait and see.

I urge ALL...Tell them only NUMBER OF PEOPLE in your residence. If you want, give 'em birth year. You can do anything else you want. They may come to harass you...but you can have a NO TRESPASSING Sign up. Or you can live in a security building. Either way, don't give your phone number. THAT isn't at all necessary...

It's TIME we make a stand, and make ourselves HEARD. And sometimes, the best way is through CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. That's the choice for America right now: AS I SEE IT!

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