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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


AH, the So-special CANARY AWARD. Many are nominated, but only 3 are chosen...:)

You all know by now why I give the Canary award -- it's to the people I want to give THE BIRD! Yeah, and there are LOTS of them, believe me. But February was quite quiet when it came to nominees. Just a few, and now I got my awards all chosen.

For the BRONZE CANARY, I have to award it to FARMER'S INSURANCE. Why? They canceled the policy back in January, and didn't notify us until the end of February. Actually, we learned about it in MARCH, but the date was enough to include those BASTARDS in the canary awards. Folks, might I suggest that if you use them, that you CHANGE COMPANIES? They deserve to be put OUT OF BUSINESS, rather than to get business. So, I award them the BIRD. (BY THE WAY, THE CO-RECIPIENT is CITIMORTGAGE, which requested the cancellation)

The second place (SILVER CANARY) goes to my beloved auto-insurance company -- for a whopping 90% increase in premium. We won't change for now. We really need to stay with them for a year before we change. But if the price drops in August, I may decide to rescind the bird....but until then...

And -- Do you REALLY need to ask? -- the WINNER of the GOLD CANARY -- The place I MOST WANT TO GIVE THE BIRD -- Is going to ... HOUSEHOLD BANK! (I could have chosen Juniper, but I think household was more deserving of getting the BIRD. I tried to deal with them in January and early February -- trying to tell them my wife was in the hospital and there wasn't any money to pay bills. The morons kept sending me canned answers, refusing to acknowledge the situation. So, the HP division was sent a letter to which they have not yet given an answer. But they decided to get an award for March, too. They're already nominated. It REALLY gets boring giving them THE BIRD constantly! But next month, they're going to be out of luck, as most other places will be. UNLESS, that is, I win the lottery tonight or tomorrow. DREAM ON! But if I DO win it, it will pay off the house FIRST, then the taxes, and bills. If anything is left, I'll get some propane. :)

No, there really IS NO CONTEST when it comes to who gets the bird...and one more time, and a huge run -- it goes to HOUSEHOLD BANK...for a nice little "Gold Bird". Maybe, someday, they realize it's FOOL'S GOLD. LOL.

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