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Monday, February 1, 2010

January canary awards!

Yep, it's February. My house was stolen right out from under me, my wife suffered a heart attack, we're having another cold snap, and I'm as frustrated as a a lying bastard spouting globabble.

Today being 2-1, that means it is time for your favorite and mine THE CANARY AWARDS!

I've explained it more than once... the CANARY is THE AWARD...for people whom you want to give the bird! It could be a politician, a cop, a neighbor, a sports team... it makes NO DIFFERENCE.

I had 6 nominees this last month. I had to sort out the worst of the worst to determine who was getting the BIRD.

So, let's give this dubious distinction this month -- to those to whom I REALLY want to give the bird!

Bronze canary -- the third place finish... goes to my local bank. They denied me a loan, citing a foreclosure that had not yet taken place. Thing is, it was only a SMALL one. They would have had it back in 2 days. They refused, instead stealing 60 from my account. Well, they won't be having my business much longer...

The Silver Canary -- For Folding above and beyond the call of duty, and playing "Give away"...Goes to everyone's favorite loser: The Minnesota Vikings. They kept giving the ball away to N.O., so it's no wonder they lost It just goes to show that, when the going gets tough, the Vikings fold. I guess that's why they plan on changing their name to the Folders next yet. They thought about the Minnesota Tampons -- but they decided it was too "Girlish".

And The GOLD CANARY-- the people that I most want to give THE BIRD...Is there any doubt at all? Nope. It's the Folks at their HP division. When my wife had a heart attack, I contacted them via Email, asking them to note her account. They refused, claiming "We can only give information to the account holder." That's all fine, but THE DAMNED BASTARDS ARE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THAT I WASN'T ASKING FOR INFORMATION.

I tried to tell them THAT, they sent the same "canned" response. 5 times in all... the F***ing bastards want a signed letter from her. I asked them "HOW CAN I GIVE YOU THAT IF SHE'S IN A COMA?" What do they say? "We're sorry, but we can only discuss details with the account holder." BUT I WASN'T ASKING FOR DETAILS!

Stupid idiots. They, once again, get the BIRD!

February is a short month...but I'm sure there's going to be some action on the board this month.

YEP, That's the truth -- AS I SEE IT!

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