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Friday, February 12, 2010

The end of an era...

Today, I learned that PATRICK KENNEDY, son of the late Edward Kennedy, is not going to seek re-election.  If nobody with the Kennedy name (of that particular family) decides to run and wins, it will be the end of an era in Washington.  It will be the first time in 65 years that the Kennedy family is not represented in Washington.  It began in 1946,  JFK went on to become President  And it was 30 years before another womanizer reached the Oval Office.
Robert Kennedy could have been President.  But he was gunned down in June of 1968, just after the California results.  Edward (Ted) Kennedy passed away this last year, stopped from the Presidency by his closet's skeleton:  Chappaquiddick.  That, and the previous President's ineptitude.  But the Popularity of the GOP candidate (Ronald Wilson Reagan) Was a key factor in finishing off the Peanut Farmer from GA.  Four years later, the GOP throttled the DFL's Favorite Son (Mondale). From 1969 to 2009, the GOP held the Presidency 28 years to the DFL's 12.
Throughout it all, There was a Kennedy somewhere in Washington.  Congress, Senate, Presidency, White House Administration...
Finding Patrick Kennedy not running for re-election ends an era, and opens the coffin for the DFL.  All they have to do is climb in.
Carter was too wishy-washy.  Clinton too much of sex fiend, IMHO.  If someone in my home state had tried that, he'd be forced to register as a sex offender.  Now, Obama is much too Marxist.  Taking over the Car Companies, and the worst bank failure rates since the Depression has forced him to try to hide behind "Health Care."  And throughout it all, there was a Kennedy.
Why is Patrick leaving?  There were a bunch of reasons given.  But the TRUTH, if you ask me, is not spoken.  That truth is "Even rats will abandon a sinking ship."
The GOP could regain control of the Senate.  AND the House, for that matter.  A REAL strange possibility could put the DFL on the edge of being not only the Minority, but the also very close to being lost where the GOP was just last year:  unable to filibuster the Obama Marxist agenda.
The rats abandon the sinking ship.  It's just the DFL is now awakening to the fact that Obama is Captain of the Titanic, and it's heading straight for the Iceberg!  Obama isn't listening.  It's up to the GOP to relieve him of his command.  And the Kennedy Clan has realized:  Being a passenger on a doomed vessel, it doesn't matter if the ride is free.  DOOM is the outcome.
That's the REAL REASON the Kennedy Clan is going away for a while.  Patrick's only 42.  He'll be back...when the danger has passed.
Facts, undiluted:  AS I SEE IT!
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