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Sunday, February 14, 2010

American double-standards

The hypocrisy of the American people is so wide-spread that it is astonishing, and yet the biggest hypocrites can't see their own contradictions with-in themselves. Or, as Yeshua ben Yosef said it:, "How can you see the speck in your brother's eye, without noticing the beam in your own?"
The Constitution is clear, but people don't see the problems. The same people who are crying out for freedom of the press in regards to Pornography want to silence those opposed to it. The same people who are yelling "Censorship!" when a TV station bleeps the "F-word", are the same ones who are trying to pull the plug on Rush.
Those who are pushing for abortion are against the death penalty, or vice versa.
It's "Black History Month," as most of you are aware. And so many are saying "It's about time!" But if I tried to establish a "White History Month," I'd be branded as "Racist."
Last month contained "Martin Luther King, Jr." day. I ask "WHY?" I'm branded racist. To go a step further, you can point out his Religion, which was almost always a theme in his Civil Rights speeches. Yet, if I tried to establish a "Jerry Falwell" holiday, They'd be yelling for "Separation of Church and State." The meaning of this phrase has been lost. It means, "GOVERNMENT, KEEP OUT OF RELIGION." It means do not pass laws favoring one religion over another. And yet our "Esteemed Government" is prohibiting free exercise of religion by CHRISTIANS, favoring Islam, Judaism, witchcraft, Hinduism, or Atheism. The Christian is unfairly singled out.
If I were in Congress and and a crucifix on my wall, or a Bible on my desk, they'd be yelling for "Separation of Church and State." Yet, if I were Muslim and had a copy of the Koran on my desk, these same idiots would be defending it as "Freedom of Religion." They cannot see the hypocrisy in their own statements, applying their own double-Standards as Gospel. My response to them is: IF my fellow congressman has a right to have his Koran on his desk, I have the right to have my Bible, Crucifix, or nativity scene. I wonder what Jefferson would say. Or Washington. Or Lincoln.
EXTRA, EXTRA-- BY 5-4 Vote Supreme Court declares itself God!
When the law of man is based on the Law of God, I have no problem. But when the Law of Man contradicts the Law of God, I will follow the Law of God.
Tell me, how many of the commandments can you name? I can name ALL TEN. I don't have to look it up. I know I've fallen short. But the LORD doesn't demand that we kill ourselves. He's already paid the full price. We choose to ignore it.

The FACT is: To eliminate our own double-standards, we must immerse ourselves entirely in the Law of God. That's our only hope: AS I SEE IT!

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