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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Babies in Twitterland

Twitter is a nice little place...if you call Millions of members "Little."  You can always find odd tweets -- Like Bill Zucker claiming he's hijacked the world's supply of Toilet Paper.  You might send a message to a celebrity.  If you are lucky, you MIGHT get a response from the real thing.  Obama's account, supposedly registered to him, is apparently fake, or at least not controlled by him.  It was the same for McCain.  You might get a reply from Wil Wheaton, or Brent Spiner.  If possible, you could get a reply from Kelsey Grammer or Jada Pinkett Smith.  There are lots of nice people there.  Don't expect Big Names to respond, though.
If you like a spirited debate, you can find one easily.  Especially in the Political field.The Anti-Marxist, Anti-Obama crowd is constantly squaring off with DFL/Health care nuts.  I enjoy a good debate...until....
It almost never fails.  Someone will ask for info, but the info never comes, and all of a sudden a debate deteriorates into insults and name calling.  It really doesn't matter who starts it, but it really gets my goat.  What starts as a frank exchange of ideas turns into a mud-slinging fest, profanity, accusations flying...and there's no way to stop it.
Each side has valid points, but neither side is mature enough to stop the childish behavior.  Once in a while, I'll try to step in to stop the folks from spoiling everyone's fun.  Once in a while, I just stop following the folks until the stupid fight stops.  If it's really bad, I'll block all parties involved.
I have to put this up to plead with these folks:  If you want to make a point, at least have a site/info/reference to back up your claims.  Try to find unbiased sources, or at least SOMEWHAT unbiased.  And I PLEAD with you:  STOP ACTING LIKE SPOILED KIDS CLAIMING YOUR DAD CAN BEAT UP THE OTHER'S DAD. 
You can hide behind your avatars.  You can hide your locations.  But there are people who DO know who you are, and they will find you out.
If you're adults, act like adults.  You don't have to insult and call each other names. 
You'll have a better chance of converting people to your side when you are civil.  Yelling and bitching about their politics or their apparent lack of intelligence won't do you any good.  If you've run across a bigot, or someone so stubborn that it makes no sense to try converting, then don't.  But don't stoop to their levels.  If ONE of you becomes stupid, and then the other, it doesn't matter:  YOU ARE BOTH STUPID.
Let's see who can be civil the longest.  Let's see who can supply the best info.  Let's see who can be have like an adult, instead of a baby in Twitterland!
That's the take on THIS topic:  AS I SEE IT!
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