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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The War on Words...

Twitter is a nice little social media.  You can pick up ideas, interesting quotes, and a few friends in the process...You can, in most cases, express yourself without fear.
Sometimes, it's a war on words.  My own tweet "Do I ever use the N-word?  Hmmm.  Does NINCOMPOOP count?" kind of sums it up....
Today, someone retweeted an equivalent of a request for a "neutral" word meaning "half-breed."  Well, I don't use the word, but I do know what is meant.    While some possibilities were mentioned (hybrid, bi-racial (or mixed race)) I had to say that there really is no "Politically correct" term for such a word.  No matter HOW much you spin it, it's going to mean the same thing.
I received a reply saying it wasn't really for "P.C" purposes...
When you consider, it's STILL used to "Tone things Down," or make a euphemism out of certain things.  That's STILL trying to make it "Politically correct."  And saying "it's a matter of principle," doesn't change the fact.    I don't use the terms like "Half-breed", or our favorite "N-Word."  I'll use FAG (in any of various forms), Queer (in any of its various meanings), or "Pervert," (again, with its myriad meanings!)  You'll know by my syntax what I mean. 
But I ask "What is wrong with the term Half-breed?"  I don't use it, but does that REALLY make it wrong?  Are you going to start running through the classic books, changing the "N-word" to something more "Politically correct?"  It's the next step toward censorship. 
My contact/tweeter stated, pretty much, that it was wrong (even as a writer)  to use such words.  While I respect the opinion, it's going to be very hard for ME to compromise what I believe about the power of words.  I write.  If I want to use a word that is "Time-related" (Such as in Tom Sawyer or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) Who are YOU, or anyone, to stop me?
I'm currently writing a book under a pseudonym.  It's not because I'm afraid of anyone.  It's because I'm following a tradition.  But I'll you a word I'm going to use:  Mulatto.  I suppose I won't hear the end of that!  But I don't care.  I'm in the kitchen, I'll take the heat!
You can try to please everyone, but you'll wind up displeasing yourself, compromising what you believe for "Peace."  That's not right.  If you aren't going to use a word because you say it's divisive, that's fine.  But be sure you look at yourself.  Is it because you REALLY believe it?  Or is it a sign of spinelessness, cowardice? 
That's something to think about.  I respect your belief.  But I tell you:  If I* am writing something, and a particular word gives the work more meaning, I'll be DAMNED if I try to make it "Politically Correct." 
That's the View of the war on words:  AS I SEE It!
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