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Friday, February 26, 2010

Certain aspects of TV watching just BUG me!

Captioning is nice... I turned on something a few days back that makes me GREEN, and bugs the HELL out of me.  It was a special...about a current pop sensation who has it in the bag at an age younger than 17. 
Since this sensation hit first, a few years back, there are some very impressive credentials:  Movies, a TV series, Teen's choice award, and I'm not sure what else...but I know of a song that debuted at #2 on the charts.  And this singer is worth the tender age of 17!  I don't mean a FEW million, either.  I mean EARNINGS...of 48 MILLION
You probably wouldn't recognize the given birth name of Destiny Hope.  But this daughter of a one-hit wonder has CLOBBERED her famous father.
I guess what they say is partially correct:  "Some are born to greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them."  And then, there are some who are MADE...By chance or by design.  While the rest of us struggle to get by, this KID rakes it in. 
Do you recognize the kid of whom I write?  I watch her TV show... I MUST be nuts.  I sit, watching Disney Channel, and allowing this KID and her alter-ego rake it in.  And yet the whole thing just GNAWS at me.
But, too, I pity her, in a way.  Will she EVER really know who her friends ARE?  What will happen if she loses it all?  Who will be there for her?
Think about it next time you want to make a fortune... Will you KNOW who your friends are?  Will you know upon whom you can depend if you lose it all?  I'm not sure Miley Cyrus does...but I sure hope so.  That's the question of the day :  AS I SEE IT!
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