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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


HEY, EVERYONE! It's September 1, and you know what THAT means, right?
In this world of the absurd,
It's time for us to give "THE BIRD"
It's the award for you and Me
Let's now award
I had my pics pretty much chosen a couple of weeks ago, then my Gold Canary winner showed up...and worked from 3rd all the way to first, while my original first place leader fell off to third. Kind of strange that it happened that way, but sometimes, no matter how much you try to predict, the strange happens.
I'll bring in the KUDOS awards after I've awarded the bird to three people.
If you're wondering where Household Bank is this month, they finished 4th, a "Dishonorable mention." Congrats for not making the top three.
3rd place this month came out of nowhere at the start of August, holding the top spot for over half a month.
The Bronze canary (Yes folks, I'm giving an insurance company the BIRD) falls to Farmer's insurance group. They canceled my auto insurance without warning, and plan to not renew the house insurance. Well, that's fine by me... THEN what do they do? They do a turn around and send a bill to the mortgage company. We've pretty much lost everything already, but you know money talks. And the threat seems to go by the way, but they might still cancel, and if they do the mortgage company gets stuck. Folks, I really wonder about those people. And, you guessed it -- they want 54 something on a canceled policy. Sorry, that won't wash.
The Silver Canary (Yes, I give these folks the bird, too) falls to JC CHRISTENSEN and Associates. Violating the law by calling 2 times after a CEASE OF COMMUNICATION was sent, AND still not giving me the information I requested to verify a debt, they've stooped low -- they have a couple of days yet to give me the info I requested, or lose out. Well, at the moment it looks like their going to be losers...but there IS a little time left. We shall see.
The GOLD CANARY-- The Biggest BIRD I CAN GIVE... falls to Juniper/Barclay Bank. They've called 34 times since the 27th, and started harassing us bank on the 16th. They've earned 2 complaints to the FTC, and one to the FCC. And since Robo-calls are now illegal, they've earned 9 criminal charges in the month of September! But I am not counting those yet. So, to the "Winners" above, I Issue a loud BRONX CHEER, and "THE BIRD" to all of them.
Kudos awards for August go to a small group of people on Twitter. They include the Role Players of "_SevenofNine", "Sharatheorion", "Tuvok_" and more. They give me enough fun to keep me going in these hard times.
That's it for today folks. Watch for the September Canary Awards to be issued in Early October. Be good -- and you won't get THE BIRD.

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