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Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair Poetry

I've stopped my countdown -- I find I was off anyway. ::sigh::

At this time of year, the MN STATE FAIR is on. And I'm on Twitter.
What I've been doing is writing "Tweet" poetry regarding the fair. There's more to come, but here's what I've done so far -- and one of my sisters tells me it sounds "Burma Shave-ish." Yes, they certainly do.

They all end with the Phrase "State Fair Time", so that will be the name of my collection... IF I can ever get my Emails found. (8-31)
(9-1) Couldn't call up my Email program last night. Finally got it all running again. My poetry follows -- "Tweet" Poetry.
French-fried gator on a stick.
Chocolate covered, make it quick.
Dip it in some transfat, too.
Total cost: $ 5.32
-- State Fair time.
Round and round the tilt-a-whirl.
It's enough to make you hurl.
Have a hot-dog and caramel apple first.
Otherwise, wasted speed burst
--State Fair Time
Out upon the midway here
Hear the voices loud and clear
"Come on folks Come play today"
"Come on: throw your money away"
-- State Fair Time
Up high on the Ferris Wheel,
Look around the dump.
Hope you aren't afraid of heights...
It breaks down, you bungee jump!
--State Fair Time.
Ketchup and mustard on a pronto-pup
Dip in horse radish from a plastic cup
let it drip upon your shoe
I got heartburn now, don't you?
--State Fair Time!
Sitting by the Radio booth
Listen to 'em stutter.
Just sit there, quietly,
And enjoy your Deep-Fried Butter.
--State Fair Time.
Get in line, and wait--
Enjoy an Ice Cream cone.
In a couple of hours, oh so late...
You MIGHT get to use the throne.
--State Fair Time
Grandstanding for hours.
Watch the cars a race.
You can sit there through the showers.
Why don't you your kid a chase?
--State Fair Time
Another night of Fireworks
Boy, they're sounding great.
Is that really fireworks echoing?
Or is it something that you ate?
--State Fair Time.

The trick of "Tweet" Poetry -- ridicule something in 140 letters or less. "State Fair Time" is just an additional piece which sometimes sticks you over the limit. But it's still good.

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